This is an article from the October 1980 issue: The Hindu Mosaic



Here is a check that we hope will help secure the college and all of the buildings that you are trying to purchase for the training of young missionaries.

We are both in our eighties my husband and I, so we won't be able to do all that we'd be happy to, but between you and W. Stanley Mooneyham's World Vision International, we want you to know that your outlook appeals to us. I wish we could be young again!

For years I wondered why people in churches didn't take more seriously Jesus' words "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel!"

God bless you!

Sincerely yours,

-H. and M. C. Concord, New Hampshire

P. S. I read every word of your "Mission Frontiers". Thank you for it.

I rejoice with you as I watch the vision grow. Enclosed is $15.95 for my one time gift.

I will be a sophomore in high school this fall. and I feel deeply convicted that the Lord is calling me to carry the Gospel to a "Hidden People."

Would you send me any literature that would be a help to future missionaries? I would deeply appreciate it if you could send me a list of books that would be good to read in preparation.

Because He lives,

-K. G.

My wife and I are very, very interested in your vastly important mission. We have many friends and relatives who have been, or now are, in evangelical mission work in many nations.

We have shared the book ONCE MORE AROUND JERICHO with at least 16 people. Daily we pray for you and for the money for the next payment.Enclosed is our check ... We want to give out some recent copies of "Mission Frontiers' to our college and career group, and for our church mission board.

Yours for the Gospel of Christ,

-W. and S. T. Kenmore, New York

We are enclosing a check that we hope will be used of the Lord to help meet the next payment. You need not send us another poster or book, but I would like about 15 copies of the Last Frontier [article), and about 25 copies of the Goals for 1985.

For the last few weeks I have been fasting and praying, asking God to meet every need. My heart has been refreshed as I have meditated on II Chronicles 20:15 21. I am doing everything that I can think of. . to encourage others to respond. . . and and then I feel I can claim the promises of our wonderful God.

I especially enjoy the prayer sheets, (they enable me to encircle the globe) and the Mission Frontiers paper.


-E. H. Escondido, California

Thank you for your letter.

We share your vision totally. It is our lives. We do sincerely look forward to your being in touch "for practical ways in which we can team together for the "Hidden Peoples." We are in the early stages of a church planting ministry here. There are several unreached ethnic groups here and the Lord is opening doors.

Rejoicing with you,

-G. and L. F. Sarawak

Dear Readers,

WE deeply appreciate hearing from you! Your letters are often shared with our staff here, and they are often a real source of encouragement to us.

Please feel free to share how God may be directing you, how you came to be interested in the frontiers of missions, or suggestions for Mission Frontiers Editors.


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