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Joshua Project 2000 Step 5: Praying for the Least Evangelized Peoples

Joshua Project 2000 Step 5: Praying for the Least Evangelized Peoples

Praying Through the Window II--The 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window is now history. All 100 cities were visited with at least 394 teams making 610 prayer journeys. These prayer journey teams entered the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window to battle the forces of darkness through prayer and spiritual warfare. The results are not in as yet, but we were expecting 100 intercessors in each of the 100 cities, for a grand total of 10,000.

I'll never forget the moment when God planted the vision for 10,000 in my heart two years ago. It came when I received a letter from Brian Winslade of New Zealand saying that he wanted to mobilize 100 intercessors for on-site prayer in Calcutta, and would the United Prayer Network stand behind this project? As I began to sense the Spirit of God saying, "If it's possible to send 100 intercessors to one city, it's also possible to send them to 100 cities." This sounded good until I did the simple multiplication and realized that a vision was hatching to send 10,000 intercessors across national, regional, and continental lines.

I cannot recall making any decision that stretched my faith more than this one, but at the same time I cannot recall ever having more positive faith that such a thing not only could, but that it would happen.

During Praying Through the Window I in October 1993, more than 250 prayer teams journeyed into the 62 nations of the 10/40 Window. The exciting story of what happened in each of these nations is told in Beverly Pegues' book, WindoWatchman. If you don't have it as yet, order it and enjoy it! When these teams went forth, backed by over 20 million home-based intercessors, I thought that nothing could match such an effort. But then God immediately gave the United Prayer Network the vision for the 10,000 going to 100 Gateway Cities backed by 30 million home-based intercessors.

Unless there is something I am not aware of, Praying Through the Window I was the largest coordinated prayer effort in the history of the Church. Last month Praying Through the Window II broke the record. In fact, I did a brief calculation and estimated that Praying Through the Window II cost about $25 million! The great blessing is that no one person or ministry had to come up with that much--God provided it on the grassroots level. No one in previous generations could have even imagined spending this much money on one prayer event. However, the generation of the 1990s is not only doing it, but they are prepared to do even more than that in order to release powerful, prevailing prayer for the lost.

Now the biggest is yet to come. The Prayer Network is not into a "bigger and better syndrome." We are simply attempting to hear as clearly as we can what the Spirit is saying to the churches regarding

prayer for the lost. Looking back, the progression is rather logical. In 1993 we prayed for the 62 nations of the 10/40 Window, in 1995 we're praying for the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window, but how about the unreached people groups of the 10/40 Window? They are coming in 1997.

Praying Through the Window III in October 1997 has a vision of mobilizing millions of people to pray for the unreached peoples of the 10/40 Window as well as sending one prayer journey team to each one of these unreached people groups for at least one week of intercession on-site with insight. If you and your friends for any reason were not part of the prayer journeys of 1993 or 1995, please begin to make arrangements for 1997 now. For most people, money is the major drawback. But if families and churches begin putting away som e money for this now, it will all be there in less than two years from now. Actually $100 per month from now until then will do the job for each person. It can happen! You can be a part.

How many unreached people groups are being targeted in the 10/40 Window? If you keep up with things, you may have been hearing many different numbers over the past few years. That is because there are three or four major research centers doing research their own ways and they come up with different numbers. Strenuous effort on the part of AD2000 International Director Luis Bush has finally brought them all into agreement: we now are focusing on 1,700 unreached people groups both in and outside the 10/40 Window.

What Does This Mean for the Prayer Network? I am highly encouraged that the key players have agreed on a final list of the 1,700 unreached peoples as our highest priority evangelistic target. Not only do I approve the list, but the United Prayer Network will make it known far and wide, mobilizing unprecedented prayer for these lost souls. We will be praying for the 1,700 profiles that are needed. Among other things, it is our goal to recruit at least 20,000 local churches plus 20,000 home cell groups which will commit to pray for a specific people group through 2000 AD. That means that each people group will have over 10 churches and 10 cell groups praying faithfully for them on a regular basis. (Please see Joshua Project Step 4 on page 38 to see the differences between praying for a people and adopting a people.)

In additon to this, it means that between now and October 1997 we have been assigned to mobilize no fewer than 1,700 prayer journey teams from as many nations of the world as possible. Although there is no rule, suppose the teams run from six to ten persons each. That would mean that we will be needing 14,000 journeyers to give a week of their time and come up with about $2,000 each to participate in the greatest coordinated prayer effort in the history of the Christian Church.

The potential of this is absolutely awesome! As these teams pray on site, backed by the millions praying at home, the resultant spiritual impact could split open vast demonic clouds of darkness which have kept whole people groups in spiritual captivity for centuries. The blinders put on people's minds by the god of this age will be torn off as never before, and the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ will shine through. The harvesters will move in to win souls and multiply churches. God's Kingdom will come to people group after people group.

The goal of the AD2000 and Beyond Movement can and will be fulfilled: there will be a church for every people and the gospel for every person by the year 2000!

Reprinted with permission from Prayer Track News, the newsletter of the AD2000 United Prayer Network. Free subscriptions available by writing 215 N. Marengo Ave. No. 151, Pasadena CA 91101 (Fax. 818-577- 1760)

Mobilizing Children as Prayer Warriors The Esther Network International is an organization which mobilizes children around the world to pray for the needs of the world.

Through the network's communication channels, over a million children across the globe can be mobilized to pray. In support of Joshua Project 2000, Esther Network has stated that they will organize a special prayer gathering among children to focus on the 1700 peoples on the Joshua Project 2000 Target List. These child intercessors will especially pray for the children in these least- evangelized peoples. In addition, Esther Network will conduct research on the specific needs of the children within those peoples. What is this child's religion? Does this child face the day with an empty stomach? Is war a factor in this child's life? Those are just a few of the topics that the children prayer warriors of Esther Network International hope to focus on in prayer for the 1700 peoples of Joshua Project 2000.

Information contributed by Esther Ilnisky, director of Esther Network International


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