This is an article from the January-February 2008 issue: God Cannot Lead you on the Basis of Information that you Do Not Have

Join Mission Frontiers in Celebrating Our 30th Year

Join Mission Frontiers in Celebrating Our 30th Year

It is time to celebrate. At Mission Frontiers we are celebrating our 30th year of publication. Since 1979 we have been calling the global Body of Christ to declare God’s glory within all the peoples of the earth. During 2008 you will see us mark this memorable milestone as we recall our accomplishments and reprint some of the most important and foundational articles over our 30 year history. We invite you to celebrate with us by using the many resources we have available for you such as our website at This .website includes all the articles for the last 21 years from 1987 to 2008. This is a rich history that is ripe for discovery and research. Each month over 7,000 people do just this. We invite you to join them and discover what God may have for you there.

If you like a more interactive medium, you might want to subscribe to our email conference where you can receive updates from Rick Wood, our managing editor, concerning special information and opportunities from the pages of Mission Frontiers. You can subscribe by sending a blank email to [email protected]

If you enjoy MF, please feel free to order extra copies for your pastor, missions committee and friends. We also invite you to reprint articles that orginate with MF as long as source credit is given. Come celebrate with us by enjoying all of the resources we have for you.


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