This is an article from the April-May 1989 issue: Paraclete

Introducing… The 1990 Unreached Peoples Poster

Introducing… The 1990 Unreached Peoples Poster

Year after year, the U.S. Center’s “Unreached Peoples of the World” poster—known to many simply as the “pie chart”—has served as one of the most popular and influential tools we produce. Unfortunately, until recently many other pressures have prevented us from revising or reprinting the poster, and supplies of the 1985 version have rapidly dwindled.

Now, thanks largely to the initiative and perseverance of artist Orlen Stauffer (also a Perspectives Study Program coordinator in the Virginia Beach area), we are happy to announce the appearance of the 1990 Unreached Peoples Poster—the boldest, brightest version yet!

We think you’ll want lots of copies not only for yourself but also for your friends. That’s why we’ve knocked the price down from $5.95 retail for one copy (already a bargain) to the discount price of $2.95 for two copies and $1.00 per additional copy with your order. Such a deal! (We’re asking you to buy at least two copies so that you’ll strategically share at least one.)

If you want 25 or more copies, we ask that you buy sets of 25. You’ll pay $23 for each set of 25 (92¢ per poster), plus $4 shipping per set (UPS) if you live in the U.S. or actual shipping costs if you live elsewhere. Order your copies by using the form on page 19, and then let us know what you think!

12 Reasons Why You’ll Like the 1990 Unreached Peoples Poster

Full-color, glossy, contemporary look
Simple, non-technical language understandable by young and old alike
Prepared in consultation with the Lausanne Committee’s new Statistics Task Force
Clearly explains the distinction between “nations” and countries
Features 1990 estimates of the number of individuals, unreached people groups, and missionaries within each major bloc of humanity—12,000 unreached peoples to go!
Also portrays the resources available worldwide—finances, churches, potential workers, and highlights what God has done and is doing among reached peoples
Carries an upbeat tone: emphasizes that the remaining task can be accomplished, trumpets the hope for “A Church for Every People by the Year 2000!”
Provides not just information, but also a clear call to commitment (“Get Real, Get Serious, Get Started”) and specific guidelines for action
Includes a perforated order form containing descriptions of popular mission books and music, offers of free information, and the Caleb Declaration
Order form can be customized by other mission agencies in future printings
Sent to you in mailing tubes so that posters will stay crisp and unwrinkled


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