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International Journal of Frontier Missiology

International Journal of Frontier Missiology

25 Years Old and on Steroids

Some call it Mission Frontiers on steroids. However, since “periodical” steroid use may eventually become illegal, the editors of the International Journal of Frontier Missiology (the “M” in IJFM once stood for “Missions”) are only willing to admit that, yes, articles originally published in IJFM do find their way, highly condensed, into MF, and that the journal shares MF’s same relentless focus on frontiers in mission. But there’s a lot in IJFM that you won’t find in MF, topics you’ll want to explore.

Launched in 1984, the now 25-year-old IJFM has, for many years, been the journal of the International Society for Frontier Missiology. Each issue tackles difficult, complicated, even controversial issues in mission today, often from multiple viewpoints.

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to the Evangelical Missions Quarterly:

There has been strong debate over how far we can go in contextualizing ministry before it becomes syncretism. Much of that debate has played out in journal articles of the major evangelical mission periodicals. The journal that has the greatest volume of material is the International Journal of Frontier Missions . . . We have linked to all that we could find from this invaluable resource. (Evangelical Missions Quarterly, October 2005, p. 518).

If you like reading Dr. Winter’s editorials in MF, you’ll love IJFM. Since 2001, far more of Dr. Winter’s latest thinking has been making its way into IJFM’s “Editorial Reflections.” And he frequently comments on noteworthy books as well.

Most of IJFM’s over 700 articles currently can be downloaded free of charge from Korean speakers will find translations of many recent IJFM articles (as well as original papers) in the journal’s sister publication, the bi-monthly Korean Journal of Frontier Missions (

This is our 25th year and we have some special surprises in store. Subscriptions are only $18 per year for the quarterly print edition. Don’t wait another day to start getting the IJFM.


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