This is an article from the October - December 1985 issue: Youth With a Mission



Last issue of Mission Frontiers I was tempted to write an article called tan No One (but John A. Holzmann) Write? We didn't have space to run it, but you might understand some of the frustrations that led to my considering such a story.

You may have noticed that I wrote most of the articles that appeared in last issue; those that! didn't write, I helped to edit. [transcribed the lead article; made the charts and graphs that appeared in the magazine; typeset the entire issue; pastedup about half the pages from which the printer makes his printing plates; drove down to the printing plant and picked up the six pallets of finished papers, and then unloaded them at the shop where they an addressed, bundled and otherwise prepared for mailing to you.

At that time, my managing editor, Jim Stewart, was out of lawn trying to raise support He came back after six weeks with less support than what he had before he took off. Now he's trying to earn a living by selling Christian toys while he also puts in as many hours as possible at the Center.

Well, his experience  and mine could be multiplied. Bight now I am almost paralyzed with mental fatigue as I contemplate the awful job not only of writing, editing, typesetting, and pasting up this issue of Mission Frontiers, but, possibly, having to design and lay it out as well.

Our Graphics department ha shrunk in the bat year from three full time people to one. With three people, Graphics war just able to keep tin top of the normal ran of things. Today, Jim Cad is doing everything he can to keep his head above water with the Global Prayer Digest alone (20 separate, customized editions).

The Global Prayer Digest, in turn, is now two weeks behind schedule for the January issue¬While Don Simkovich was out running across America with the Trans America Run for the Hidden Peoples team, there was only one fulltime arid one pan time writer for the Digest. Charles Newcombe was forced to come up with many of the ideas for the 'Hidden peoples" and 'Promising Breakthroughs' portions of the Digest, to do all the research and then write the stories. I wish I could tell you how difficult that job is, and to do it virtually on your own.

I've hardly begun to scratch the surface. In every office, the work force is less than adequate to meet the basic needs of what is already going on. We have people working overtime, ignoring their own financial needs, failing to minister to their supporters  doing whatever they can merely to keep the Center afloat. And it's time things turned around.I believe the Center will continue to unction one way or another. I don't think we will be forced to close shop due to lack of personnel. But lam bothered by the thought of what we are not accomplishing, the thought of what we could accomplish if only. .. If only we had the workers to do the work!

Jesus said, 'Pray the Lord of the harvest that He would thrust out workers into His harvest field."

Will you please pray this prayer with us? Pray it desperately. Pray it diligently. We need workers. We need help!


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