This is an article from the February 1981 issue: Three Men, Three Eras

From the Director

From the Director

Dear Busy, Burdened, Typical Believer,

Other people around me in this plane are watching a movie called "9 to 5" and I collect snatches of it without sound.

I think I've got a much more exciting, rewarding job than either the people on the big T . V. screen or the people around me in their seats.

Don't you wish you could give all your "9 to 5" time to "waving the flag for the world of hidden peoples"? Don't you wish you were directly involved in a dramatic, crucial process to bring a divine, healing touch to all the 16,750 remaining people groups in the world where the knowledge of Jesus Christ is virtually zero? (At this moment the secretary on the screen is poisoning the boss' coffee.)

A few minutes ago I was chewing through the new beautiful book Unreached Peoples '81 Once a year you've just g to go out and buy a copy of this annual. You owe it to the precious people groups described in the book! (Send us $7.66 and you'll get it postpaid.)

Yesterday I came back from the mid west Navigator's staff conference at Glen Eyrie. What a great bunch working under Ray Boo. These 100 staffers touch 10, 000 people a week. I was royally welcomed because they too are excited about spreading the vision of the final frontiers.

Patrick Johnstone, author of Operation World was here yesterday. He has the most fabulous colored drawings showing hidden people in Africa. (The boss' body is being pushed out a ten story window.)

I have been doing a great deal of thinking recently about the concept of a third era (see article beginning on p.1). This is your era - Don't miss it. Is no one else able to do your job? (We have 60 vacant positions.)

If you can't change your "9 to 5", why not change your "5 to 9"? The Cause needs you; we need you. We will not catch up on our payments if people like you aren't able to help spread the vision. Do you have a few hours you can spare? Can you host or explain things? Write me a personal note, address above. Ask for "Burma Plan." Help us try out this new approach, you'll be excited too.


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