This is an article from the January-March 1985 issue: Student Missions Urbana ‘84

From the Director

From the Director

I must first apologize for our being so late with this issue. We have never in our 8 years been through so long and prolonged a siege of confusion, uncertainty, and ambiguity.

Suddenly, now finally, we can SEE, but what we see does not look easy. Two more years, even higher interest payments. We'll have to do something differently. And I also apologize for our financial situation continuing to be so large a factor in this bulletin. How we look forward to the time when we will be out of the woods.

But, don't let us and our need steal away your attention from John Kyle and the awesome wonder of the student mission groundswell reflected by the URBANA CONVENTION covered in this Issue!

MOREOVER! Gordon MacDonald, one of the founding voices in the superb ASSOCIATION OF CHURCH MISSIONS COMMITTEES (is your church a member) is the new president of Intervarsity   just since this issue was begun!

In any case we surely want 'to keep the main thing the main thing." And that means that Mission 2000 outranks everything else in our hearts and in this issue. Why?

Can any project, any one organization outrank the importance in God's business of the possibility of instigating a major mission renewal movement in America   and in the world?

Can you, dear reader, follower, mission enthusiast, think of anything more central than that possibility?

OK, let's agree on this: renewal of vision in American outranks the U.S. Center and its struggle to survive. We continue to believe God is saying, 'Seek first the spreading of the Vision and all these small gifts will be added unto you."

But will this approach bring in $180,000 we lack (May 11) for July let? Not likely. However, anyone who believes in the Mission 2000 plan will be capable of believing that it is legitimate to advance funds against that income, and bail this place out on time, with the least amount of further expense in interest payments, (You will see the details in a few pages.)


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