This is an article from the June-July 1984 issue: Six Missionaries Become College Presidents

From the Director

From the Director

The "invasion of the the colleges"! Missionaries like paratroopers descending upon the presidential chairs of Christian colleges! But how wonderfully timely and beneficial is this new international link. See pages 19 24 for the cover story this time. Don't miss the story about the lady from Minneapolis who visited a church in S Phoenix and the amazing ripple effect of what she left behind her.

This lady's impact introduces our very serious comments (on pages 4 7) about the present countdown and near future question of our survival. We must try ever harder to employ THE PHENOMENON OF MULTIPLICATION. To speed this process: our new cartoon booklet "THE GOOD WORD", enclosed in the tear out section (pp 11 18) of this issue. Will this aid you and others (QUICKLY) to pass the GOOD WORD? Our very existence depends upon it!

(Also our long term success must build this same way. But how pleasant... that it is God's GOOD WORD that we are trying eagerly to pass on! That's better than fund raising.)

But also, don't miss the box on page 4 about the updated, expanded version of my wife's book, 'Once More Around Jericho;' now with a new title, THE SECRET MISSION, and a new flavor conveying what Cod has been saying to us in these recent days.

We need your prayers.

If just one fifth of our readers will use this enclosed cartoon booklet with just one new person... we can survive our Sept 1st deadline, but that's only a few days away!


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