This is an article from the February 1983 issue: Dr. Lawrence Keyes

From the Director

From the Director

Dear People,

Now and then God wants us to feel helpless. Perhaps we can most easily recognize His Hand when our hands are not strong enough. One leader said, "We ought to be ashamed if we ask God to do what is within our power to do."

Well, this is now clearly beyond our power! If you glance at our financial update on page 5 you may, like Peter, wonder if it is possible to walk on water. But Peter should have known  and we do also know  that God has been faithful in the past with many miracles.

OK, we know of no human way of meeting this payment. But we believe that the call of the frontiers is now strong enough, and that there are enough leaders who want to see the Frontier Fellowship  and this place  succeed, so that by God's Spirit alone He can turn the hearts of the leaders to the frontiers and to the Frontier Fellowship as a movement. That will be a miracle. It seems to me it is His kind of miracle. Perhaps it is true that if we merely seek to save this campus we will lose it, but that if we are willing to seek a million people praying daily for the frontiers, we will at the same time save the campus. How is your faith on this? Yours faithfully,


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