This is an article from the February 1983 issue: Dr. Lawrence Keyes

Financial Update

Financial Update

More Details than Ever

  1. Rejoice with us God has been very good to us in the last few days. He encouraged 242 of you, our, readers, to respond very generously as you see to the right.
  2. Students and missionaries give heavily. As always, gifts from students and missionaries are a quite disproportionately large part of the total. The largest gift ($63,000) was from a missionary. Only three churches are among the top 16 gifts.
  3. Give the money back eventually To the churches, yes. To individuals we will send a letter asking where they would like us to reassign their gift (beyond their first $15). In both cases this will happen when enough $15 gifts come in.
  4. Will enough small gifts ever come in One hundred and eighty days from March 1st, the 6 million dollar payment you see below is due. We would have to get in over $30,000 per day for this entire 180 day period in order to be able to pay that 6 million dollars!

So what do we do? Our hope is in the Lord. We believe He is the One leading us away from conventional fund raising  we simply must not compete with the agencies we were founded to help. Rather, we feel He has led us into a prayer campaign that will incidentally generate one hundred million dollars per year. We are busy inviting agencies, churches, schools, congregations, Christian organizations of all kinds into this campaign. Only a small part of the $100 million (and even that just during the first year) will come to us. For further comments on this, see my editorial on page 10.


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