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Final Statements of the AD2000 Leadership

Final Statements of the AD2000 Leadership

God has put you and me into this crucial hour before the return of His Son, Jesus Christ, with a definite purpose, the fulfillment of His Great Commission.

Under God’s loving mercy the AD2000 Movement was conceived and born during the preparation of the second Lausanne Congress in 1989. In a short span of one single decade the Movement has received acceptance and cooperation from Christ’s global body and has been operating in over 100 countries of the world. Through its initiation, names like 10/40 Window, Joshua Project and Gateway Cities have become household terms among churches and mission agencies today. The AD2000 Movement has been ministering as a bugle-call to today’s churches to take the Great Commis­sion seriously and to fulfill the long-delayed task.

God in history has raised up various movements as His instrument for various purposes. When the purpose is fulfilled, the instrument must have the wisdom and the courage to die. And so it is with the AD2000 Movement. During its very first International Board meeting, the decision was made that the Movement as an organization would be dissolved at the end of the year 2000. But the spirit, vision and commitment of the Movement will hopefully continue to live, grow and be accomplished through churches and mission agencies worldwide.

With the consent of both the International and US Boards, it was decided that a simple ceremony will be held on April 20, 2001 in Los Angeles (where the first formative meeting of the Movement was held back in 1989) to mark the formal closure of the organization of the AD2000 Movement. May God continue to bless the final round on world evangelization through His own way and in His own time.
Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. (John 12:24)

Rev. Dr. Thomas Wang
Chairman, AD2000 Intl. Board

I rejoice with my two dear brothers to be part of this final and farewell message of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement. Much has been said and reported upon over the brief tenure of this Movement, with great praises and thanks to God for His manifold blessings both seen and unseen! Seeking to be brief, my praises and thanks are three-fold:

  • For the early acceptance and rapidly growing fellowship of leaders towards a church for every people and the Gospel for every person vision by the year 2000, both for geographic and functional purposes. This matrix was well blessed in many places around the world.
  • For each of the Praying Through the Window initiatives I-IV, with prayer participation moving from 21 to 40+ million people around the globe, plus many onsite prayer journey teams as well. The measured impact of this prayer is testimony of God’s power through man’s faithful prayer!
  • For the catalytic outflows of GCOWE ’95 / Korea and GCOWE ’97 / South Africa consultations, the fires still burning and advancing the flame edge among the unreached day by day.

Praises be to God! May it all continue, even increase, as God so leads and provides!

Rev. Dr. Luis Bush: International
Director, AD2000 & Beyond Movement

Although the AD2000 & Beyond Movement has been brought to closure officially, the spirit of the Movement will live on as people across the globe continue to cooperate and work toward mutual goals. We have learned over these past years that we can accomplish a great deal more by working together rather than independently. The Movement has effectively handed off the concept of partnerships around strategic tasks by way of the Networks and Task Force concepts.

I have noted, for instance, that HIServices has proceeded from the Joshua Project 2000 to the Joshua Project II that will include even more unreached people groups than ever before. This is moving strategically according to the Movement’s credo, A Church for Every People and the Gospel for Every Person.

Also, our former sister organiza­tions continue to expand their global vision as the Lausanne Movement and World Evangelical Fellowship forge ahead in seeking to provide ways to reach our world for Christ. It is heartening that the Great Com­mission Roundtable is also standing by to assist Evangelicals in the task of world evangelization.

I am personally pleased that the leadership of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement has been true to its original bylaws that stressed closure of the organization at the close of over a decade of intense ministry. Extremely significant gains were made in reaching the lost for Christ around the world during the last decade of the Twentieth Century. I believe that Christian history will verify that the AD2000 & Beyond Movement was guided by the Holy Spirit in seeking to carry out Christ’s Great Commis­sion worldwide to the Glory of God. May God bless each of you who participated in the Movement. It has been an immense privilege to labor alongside of you these past years.

May the good Lord bless and keep you, individually and together, as the days proceed into the 21st Century / 3rd Millennium! Please know of our deepest thanks and appreciation for the many prayers, gifts and support given to the AD2000 Movement throughout its brief, yet blessed years. Thank you!

Rev. Dr. John Kyle: Chairman,
AD2000 US Support Committee & Board


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