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Equipping World Christians to do God’s Will on Earth

Training Division

Equipping World Christians to do God’s Will on Earth

Curricula for the Kingdom!

The USCWM Training Division exists to assist the mission movement by developing academic curricula and promoting existing programs that equip missionaries, mission agencies, churches, laymen, and students in frontier kingdom mission. Training Division programs are often piloted through our related William Carey International University and are made available to schools around the world.

Institute of International Studies (IIS)

The Training Division operates the Institute of International Studies which develops and distributes curricula, administrates certificate programs, and publishes helpful resources for students of mission. The IIS curricula include Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, the World Christian Foundations (WCF) degree study program, the freshman year of INSIGHT, the 3-unit “taste” of WCF, Foundations of the World Christian Movement, and a new non-credit translatable course, The Blessing.

World Christian Foundations (WCF)

The World Christian Foundations study program is, in some respects, an expansion of the widely used course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Editor Ralph D. Winter explains the motivation behind the creation of WCF:

All over the world there are keen individuals who want to take seminary courses but are unable to do so because of family or work responsibilities. Increasingly, perhaps partly because of the Perspectives course, their motivation is missionary: what is God doing in the world today, and what is our role in the purpose of God? The curriculum is designed to give a solid foundation for every serious Christian—to look at the world through different eyes, as a foundation for all of life. That is why the theme of this foundational curriculum is ‘Declare His Glory Among the Nations.’”
Missionary statesman, David Hesselgrave, comments,

I am not aware of any other comparable curriculum on planet earth that incorporates and integrates such a massive amount of relevant knowledge into a framework that is so thoroughly and unapologetically biblical.

Assignments follow an integrated approach using a time-frame sequence that organizes a single-story worldview of the growth of the church and the expanding kingdom—a radically biblical re-interpretation of history. Students study differing cultures, ways of thinking, religious traditions and worldviews as they relate to God’s unfolding plan. This unique curriculum can be studied anywhere in the world with a qualified mentor.

Northwestern College uses the WCF curriculum as part of an undergraduate degree leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies. William Carey International University offers the program at the graduate level (

A Degree Completion Program with a Difference!

The Institute of International Studies has partnered with Knowledge Elements to design a new version of our World Christian Foundations program. This degree completion program will be used by colleges and universities in adult or alternative education departments, as early as Fall 2009. It provides the tools needed by facilitators of cohorts of students going through the program together on a weekly basis in sixteen 3-unit courses. See or contact Larry McCullough ([email protected]) for more information.


INSIGHT, An Intensive Study of Integrated Global History and Theology, is designed especially for high school graduates. Students strategically invest a year in building an intellectual and spiritual foundation for the rest of their college experience and beyond. Trinity International University (Deerfield, Illinois) has recently entered into a partnership with the Institute of International Studies to offer 36 units of college credit for the Insight program, which is held in various locations nationwide, such as churches, the campus of the U.S. Center for World Mission, and even a campground in Ohio. Alternatively a certificate of Bible/Missions studies is available from the Institute of International Studies.

Those interested in offering Insight at church or agency, or potential students, may contact the Insight National Office at [email protected].

Foundations of the World Christian Movement

A “taste” of the WCF curriculum, the purpose of this course is to provide a chronological overview of the historical and cultural aspects of the global development of the biblical faith. Special attention is given to the biblical foundations for addressing the roots of human problems around the world. Foundations is being offered throughout the year in the form of an online educational experience with students participating from around the world. The course can be taken for credit or certificate. We are currently looking for facilitators, particularly within agencies or schools, to become qualified to offer this course online to their constituents or students.

The Blessing

The Blessing is an innovative non-credit course that is designed to be downloadable and translatable, at no cost. Developed with workers from the Global South in mind, this short course provides a biblical basis for understanding God’s heart for all peoples. Emphasis is given to pressing issues facing believers in the majority world. Download the course today and pass it on to friends, use the course in your own context, or translate it for use internationally.

Participate in Our Training Programs

The USCWM Training Division exists to assist the mission movement. If you are a potential student, course facilitator, mentor, or a church or agency leader who sees the potential usefulness of one of these programs for your ministry, please see our websites or contact program leaders through the links listed above. If you have questions, you may also call our IIS information line, (626)398-2106 or email [email protected].


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