This is an article from the December 1979 issue: Edinburgh 1980

China Visited

China Visited

"I really didn't know what to expect after Taiwan," reported Rosalie Thorson on returning from 3 months in Formosa followed by two weeks in the People's Republic of China. "I loved Taiwan, but I was fascinated by China. As if time had stood still for 30 years, there were very few cars and all from the 1940's. We traveled quite a ways into the Interior, and at one place four of us left the tour and climbed a mountain into a little village where tourists weren't supposed to go. You can imagine how amazed we were to find a woman there who in 1979 still had bound feet. Throughout our stay in China I sensed both friendliness and hostility--but above all a deep spiritual void. And I CHINA Visited couldn't help but pray, 'Lord, somehow let me come back."

Rosalie is on the staff of our Institute of Chinese Studies, able assistant to its director Jim Ziervogel, missionary to. Taiwan on loan to us from Overseas Crusades. On October 29th in a beautiful ceremony at the Latourette Library on our campus, the community-at-large was introduced to the new enlarged staff of ICS. The Institute's staff now consists also of Dr. and Mrs. Alan Gates (Conservative Baptist missionaries to Taiwan) and John and Laura of College Hill Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati. The Institute of Chinese Studies gives eight hours a day to research the Chinese peoples around the world, stressing especially those who are "hidden" without a witnessing church in their midst.

The Chinese division also includes the Chinese World Mission Center, headed by Dr. Danny Yu and assisted by Rev. Carl Hayes (missionary to Taiwan), Carol Yuke, and Mark Wong. The CWMC attempts to mobilize Chinese American Christians to take up the cause of missions. Last summer it sponsored a training program for 60 Chinese youth, stressing how they can be used of God to win Chinese elsewhere in the world, as well as other peoples. This last October, 50 mission leaders from Chinese churches gathered on campus to discuss issues pertaining to strategic involvement in reaching the diaspora of Chinese peoples.

The ICS publishes Watchman on the Great Wall, a monthly bulletin which gives facts resulting from their research.


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