This is an article from the June-July 1984 issue: Six Missionaries Become College Presidents

Armenian Bible College Equips Workers for Frontiers

Armenian Bible College Equips Workers for Frontiers

One of the cooperating agencies at the U.S. Center for World Mission is the Armenian Bible college, the first such Armenian Bible institute anywhere in the world. Founded in September 1982 and directed by Dr. Yeghia Babikian, the College seeks to prepare Armenian pastors, evangelists and missionaries for service to seven million Armenians worldwide.

Dr. Babikian comments, "In addition to reaching new frontiers, the College envisions the revival and revitalization of the spirit of evangelism and missions among nominal Christian Armenians in the free world, because many pulpits have already been vacated, some churches have been closed, and, recently, 600 Armenians have turned to Islam and converted their church into a mosque! Five million unreached Armenians in Russian and Muslim countries, as well as two million Armenians in the free world, are desperately in need of Christian laborers!" Significant numbers of Armenians live in the Soviet Union, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and the United States.

Currently, a faculty of seven serves 79 students  10 full time, 21 part time, and 45 by correspondence. The College is seeking part time or full time volunteer teachers (the teaching medium is English), hooks and commentaries (in English or Armenian) for the developing library, and contributions toward the Collage's scholarship fund.

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