This is an article from the October 1980 issue: The Hindu Mosaic

Advanced IIS: Ministering to the Villages of India

Advanced IIS: Ministering to the Villages of India

Plans are currently underway for the Advanced Institute of Inter national Studies (AIlS) program of William Carey International University. The third session of the program will begin in January. 1981, with a small team scheduled to travel to North India. They wil help in a new work being established among Muslims there.

In May 1981, according to Bruce Graham, Director of AIlS, a larger team is slated to go to Bethel, South India. He is currently investigating ways of obtaining longer term visas for India. "Possibly some can enter as Ph.D candidates in various schools and stay 5 years or more," Graham suggested. Possibilities are also being pursued for an advanced training program among Chinese peoples.Graham has led two groups of students to India for threeand six month stints to the Bethel Agricultural Fellowship, near Salem South India. Bethel is a sister organization to the Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB), both of which are directed by Dr. Samuel Kamaleson of World Vision, International.

Graham outlined what part the program would include:   each Sunday, four or five teams of missionary candidates for the FMPB go to surrounding villages near Bethel. They often travel to villages where there are no Christians at all. In the village, they sing, share their testimonies with people, and visit in homes. There, they have opportunity to share their faith in Jesus and often pray for the needs of the people.

'One day each month is set aside at Bethel for inquirers to come to learn more about the Gospel. Christians also come for training in how to more effectively share their faith with family and friends. Such weekends may often include 150 or more inquirers.

AIlS students participate in these trips to the villages. For more information about AIlS, write Bruce Graham at the USCWM.


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