This is an article from the July-August 1996 issue: Worship and Missions

Abundant Opportunities Are Waiting for You at the USCWM

Abundant Opportunities Are Waiting for You at the USCWM

Do you see all the articles and resources in this issue of Mission Frontiers? Our hope and prayer is that they will help you and your church toward greater understanding and obedience to "the unchanging nature of God's purpose" (Heb 6:17).

But guess what? It takes people to send you this magazine and produce these resources. It takes computer expertise to efficiently track the orders and information related to materials distribution. And it takes people to distribute these materials. Right now, the US Center for World Mission faces fabulous open doors we can't enter until additional people join our team.

Would you pray about becoming personally involved in multiplying the impact of the vision the Lord has entrusted to us?

From here in Pasadena you can become not only a direct link to the latest in mission thinking and resources for your own church, but a vital member of a team which continues shaping the understanding and obedience of the global church toward preaching "this gospel of the kingdom in the whole world as a testimony to all nations (and then the end will come)" (Mt. 24:14). Even where you are, you can serve as a part time, local distributor for USCWM materials. Thousands of individuals have been enlisted by secular firms to represent quality products pertaining to this life, such as Amway and Mary Kay. Would you like to be a distributor of the Unreached Peoples vision?

Would you like to become a kingdom representative for your area for the unreached peoples vision?

If you long to be involved in some larger way, contact the Personnel office of the US Center for World Mission. Write us, or leave a message at 818-398-2313, x313 for us to call you back.

Whatever else you do, do pray for us. At this point we don't have even the key person to coordinate local distributors. Might you be the person whom God wants to fill that role?

Use Your Music Skills to Help Reach the Unreached Peoples Classes are starting soon!

Ethnomusicology Courses at SIL for Fall 96 This fall, the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will be offering three specialized courses in ethnomusicology and missions: Applied Ethnomusicology, Analysis of Non-Western Music, and Field of Ethnomusicology/Anthropology of Music.

Applied Ethnomusicology provides the philosophy and tools for cross- cultural music ministry. It is non-technical and therefore can be taken by missionaries without formal musical training.

Analysis of Non-Western Music trains the student to analyze a non- Western music system so that he or she can compose new melodies within that system. Computer-aided transcription is taught. This course is highly technical in nature and previous musical training is a prerequisite.

The Field of Ethnomusicology/Anthropology of Music course will be offered in the Spring semester of 1997. This course provides an overview of the major issues and works of scholars in the field of ethnomusicology, with special emphasis on studies of musical culture. Complementary courses in linguistics and anthropology are also available.

For more information contact: Dr. Tom Avery, International Ethnomusicology Coordinator, Summer Institute of Linguistics, 7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd., Dallas, TX 75236. Phone: (214) 709-2400 ext. 2265. E-mail: [email protected]


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