This is an article from the March-April 2000 issue: The African American & Missions

A New Work of Unity

African Americans come together in creation of COMINAD

A New Work of Unity

When African-American leaders met in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1997, they made it their aim to initiate a new, collaborative effort for the sake of world evangelization. The representativesfrom both church and para-church organizationsall had been working hard to evangelize, but results were limited due to their small, independent efforts. Together they envisioned these parts of the African-American body of Christ coming together in a common vehicle to accomplish the task of world evangelizationwithout losing their individual identities and distinctives .

This group met again in the spring of 1998 in Los Angeles. It was there that they adopted a formal namethe Cooperative Missions Network of the African Dispersionwith the acronym COMINAD. This network of churches, mission organizations and individuals united together hopes to mobilize Christians of the African dispersion to further the Kingdom of God, especially among the unreached peoples of the world.

COMINAD has expressed its goals as enhancing the understanding of the Great Commission among Christian descendants of Africa, fostering cooperation among its member agencies, and developing strategies and resources for reaching the unsaved, especially the unreached.

To reach this end, COMINAD aims to develop a working unity amongst a group of people and organizations that will retain their own distinct identity and calling. Its members seek to act as a bridging or linking mechanism so that the spirit of unity and collaboration in Great Commission work will increase.

COMINAD desires that every member will become a consultant to help with mobilization or world evangelization. A national newsletter and a national prayer chain will help undergird this mobilization process. The doors of COMINAD are open to anyone who agrees with its the statement of faith, commits to working with the mobilization of Christian descendants of Africa, and will work to sustain COMINAD as a vehicle so that it can accomplish its goals.

Brian Johnson is National Coordinator of COMINAD. Contact COMINAD at 757-420-9490, FAX 757-420-5077 or [email protected].


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