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From the Director Editorial

From the Director

Dear friends,

In view of TIME Magazine's Christmas cover story recognizing Christian missionary effort as a major force in the world today, and, with Oxford University Press coming out this past...

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Frontier Fellowship Movement Other

Frontier Fellowship Movement

Advancing on Three Fronts

This month we want to share with you how the Frontier Fellowship movement is progressing rapidly on three exciting fronts: among individuals, among congregations, and...

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The Explosion of New Missions Within the Non-Western World Feature

The Explosion of New Missions Within the Non-Western World

Some years ago I got a letter from the editor of a World Council of churches publication inviting me to write an article for their journal. The International Review of Mission. Me t this was an...

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Peruvian Mission Leader Feature

Peruvian Mission Leader

Obed Alvarez

A few weeks ago MISSION FRONTIERS interviewed perhaps the world's youngest (yet extremely capable) mission director  Obed Alvarez from Peru. To find something similar to the agency under his...

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Financial Update Other

Financial Update

This update is for all of you who have followed us and invested your money and your very lives in prayer for this project. "The Report Card" to the right shows the record for the year 1982.


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Penetrating the Frontiers Feature

Penetrating the Frontiers

How Small Churches Can Help

Practically every alert missionminded evangelical in. the country has heard or read of the thrilling missionary conferences held annually at Park Street Church in Boston, or the similar meeting in...

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News Other


Mission/Church Leaders Huddle Assemblies Focus on Frontiers

Greg Livingstone, head of NAM Associates and Director of Mission Agency Relations for the USCWM, has announced a series of two day...

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Letters Other


Dear Sirs:

I have recently received a sample copy of the Daily Prayer Guide for use in what you call your Frontier Fellowship. I would be interested in receiving ten or twelve copies of this...

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