Mission Frontiers Going Digital

Mission Frontiers is breaking some new ground and we want to hear from you. We are in the initial stages of getting Mission Frontiers onto tablets and e-readers and want to know which of these tools you use and let you play around with our first shot at Kindle and iPad versions. 

Mission Frontiers has been around since 1979. A lot has changed in that time. Perhaps the biggest changes have been in the areas of information and communication. You probably don't gather information and communicate like you did in 1979 (certainly not if you were born after 1979).

Publishing has been greatly effected by these changes. Devices like the Kindle and iPad are game changers. A single file uploaded to Amazon or Apple can reach millions of users without the traditional cost associated with printing, shipping, and handling.

This represents a huge opportunity for a publication like Mission Frontiers. Profit is not our goal. Our goal is supporting a global movement to establish church planting movements among the 10,000 unreached peoples (ethnic groups) of the world. We want as many people as possible reading and benefiting from Mission Frontiers. We see these new digital publishing options as incredible assets to help us achieve that goal. 

We invite you to help us get there. If you have an iPad or Kindle we encourage you to download these sample files and give them a look. They are very basic versions of Mission Frontiers, nothing like what we ultimately want to produce. We plan to take full advantage of the features these new devices allow (rich media experiences with photos and video), but for now we'd like to get the content out there as it is. Consider this an 'alpha test'1. Don't have one of these devices? Share this page on Facebook, Twitter, or by email with your friends who might. 

Please use the comments for feedback and ideas. If you have more detailed feedback or prefer to use email, you can reach us here.

The Files

(Check here for help getting the file to your Kindle)




  1. You use these files at your own risk. Sure they can't erase your hard drive or crash your e-device. But don't blame us if they do. 


I’m glad to download and look over the first attempt. I think it is a great move.

I was unable to successfully upload the file to my Kindle account. You could post some directions or make the issue available in the Kindle store.

Kris: I’ve added a link to the instructions Amazon has on their site. How to get it to your Kindle depends on which one you have and how you manage your documents. The most common method is sending the file to your personal Kindle e-mail address. The Amazon link has more information on that if you need it.

Scott: The links are at the bottom of the post. Each type is available as the native file type if you are on the device (i.e. tap the file to open it in iBooks if you are on an iPad) or zip file so you can download it to your computer and manually manage the transfer.

Our goal is to get these file in their respective stores. However that does involve some hoops we have to jump through. Kindle is pretty straightforward, iPad gets a lot more complicated.

Thanks! You guys are doing a great job.


The above .mobi link does not open the Kindle PC app like the ones on this link below.  I am using Firefox and it does not work -just letting you know.


Thanks for putting out this great resource!

Still use RSS and Google Reader to keep up to date, but would also like a slick ipad edition.

I finally got the Kindle edition downloaded to my device. Looks good for the most part, but there are still some problems with the layout, especially the margins making it so words and sentences get cut off.

Otherwise, looks good.


The Kindle edition worked well for me. I would never have considered downloading content from a website to read on the Kindle. Having said that, I did find it easy and useful.

As with John I use RSS & Google Reader for websites. I would say the most important thing for me would be to have a mobile (Android) friendly site.

Yes please make Mission Frontiers available in ebook formats. I use Kindle and the mobi format of the Jan.-Feb. issue worked well. Is the Mar.-Apr. issue available in ebook format? Until now I have been reformatting the pdf file using kd2pdfopt program, but the result is not as nice as mobi or regular Kindle format.

Thanks, Sheldon

Hello my name is Terin, I am 14 years old and I live in Holland, Michigan. In my Bible class, my teacher showed us your guys inspiring video. I was very moved by this movie and am now writing a paper on it. It would be very inspirational if you guys had anything to say because this paper is going out to the school. I would like to show this paper in Chapel in front of K-12 grades. Your movie moved my heart to pieces and now I would like other kids to see what I have seen and felt.

Thank you,


Hello Terin,

I work with Mission Frontiers and just now saw your question.  I’m sorry if we are a bit delayed in getting back to you.  Could you tell me a bit about the movie you saw?  We have produced a number of media related things here at the US Center for World Mission but it could also be that there is another organization with a similar name that produced the movie you saw.  Thanks so much, and I am glad God is building your heart for the nations!


We are now publishing a basic mobi file that can be used on most e-readers (Kindle, iPad, Nook, iPhone, etc).

The little blue kindle icon next to the pdf icon will download the mobi file. We only have this for newer issues, but if there is an issue from earlier you want in this format let us know and we will see what we can do.

So clarify for me how to ‘subscribe’ to digital copies of the magazine. On the subscription page it says updates can be sent when the issue is published. But do I still need to enter my info on the subscription page below that? It isn’t clear to me. Seems like the options can be more clearly separated with separate subscription forms after choosing digital or print subscription.

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