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January 1988


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Children's Mission Education Part VII

Children's Mission Curriculum Sources

by John Holzmann

Those "in the know" say there are four main sources for children's mission curriculum materials; mission agencies; Christian publishers, secular suppliers, and children's mission education specialists. Some of the best sources are listed below.

Mission Agencies
CAM International (8625 La Prada Drive, Dallas, TX 75228; (214) 327-8206) received more praise than any other group for its free, 2-color, quarterly kid's paper, "Kid's World." Including puzzles, word-games, and stories; it is designed for elementary school children and is directed to missions in general. CAM will send up to 50 copies free to any one address. Anything over that, they're 10 cents apiece. A free teacher's guide that includes an explanation of each activity's purpose and goal is also available. CAM also distributes an excellent slide/tape program called "Kids Can be Missionaries Too."

OMF Books (404 S. Church Street, Robesonia, PA 19551; (215) 693-5881) has a series of eight books of true stories, mostly about Asian children. For late pre-school to 1st grade. $1.95 each. OMF also has children's coloring books on four countries ($1.50 each) and five flashcard stories for $3.95 and up.

HCJB, Church of God World Missions, SIM, TEAM, Wycliffe, Slavic Gospel Association, and others also have a broad variety of materials for children÷from reading and coloring books, to filmstrips and videos.

Christian Publishers
Bible Visuals (Box Z, Akron, PA 17501) has almost a dozen five-part "visualized" stories with 14" by 10" color illustrations. Many have added teaching and craft ideas for a complete program. Among those with additional activities are: Adventure in Brazil, A Chosen Friend (Mexico); No Darkness at All (Morocco/North Africa); and John and Betty Stam (China). Price: $7.95 to $8.95 apiece.

Randall House Publications (Box 17306, 114 Bush Rd³ Nashville, TN 37217; (800) 251-5762), publishing arm of the Free-Will Baptist Association, produces the "Missionary Stories About. . . ." flashcard series of "real-life" stories from around the world. Visuals are black-and-white line drawings; the story-line associated with each picture is printed on the back of the card. There are eight sets of 13 stories, 52 flashcards per set.

Designed for use in a complete, mission-oriented elementary age children'schurch program, the stories alone are $4.25 per set. Pupils' activity handwork÷$2.50 per set for five students. Leaders' guide: $3.95.

Broadman's "Meet the Missionaries" series includes 20 colorful, attractively-illustrated books written on two levels, one for K-3, the other for 4th through 6th graders. These stories focus on the missionaries' "call," events of their early childhood, conversion experiences, and life on the field. $5.50 each.

Child Evangelism Fellowship Press, Warren-ton, MO 63383, has a series of eight missionary biographies and stories called the Missiongram Flash Card Stories. Designed for use in 5-day clubs, they sell for $7.45 or less, each. CEF also sells a flocked (flannelgraph) story of Amy Car-michaci called "I Dare." It sells for $7.45.

Christian Literature Crusade (Fort Washington, PA 19034) has a "Stories of Faith and Fame" series that includes 28 biographics for children, elementary through junior high age. The books arc not all about cross-cultural missionaries, but among them arc stories of William Carcy, Mary Sicssor, Isobel Kuhn, Ida Scudder, Robert Moffat, and others. $2.95 each.

George Fox Press (P.O. Box 44, Newberg, OR 97132; (503) 538-7345) has a five-part "Life-Story Mission" series for elementary/junior age children. Among them is the story of Joy Ridderhof, under of Gospel Recordings. $3.50 each. 

Moody Press has three series of biographies for Children that include the stories of prominent Missionaries. Look up their "Golden Oldies," guessing Books," and "Preteen Biography" ser-s. $3.50 to $4.95 each.

Regular Baptist Press (1300 North Meacham Rd., P.O. Box 95500, Schaumburg, IL 60195) features a number of books by V. Ben Kendrick. Rang-g from 127 to 204 pages in length, two volumes II the story of Kendrick's own ministry in Africa; three others contain short stories. For late elementary to junior high age children. $3.95 to $4.95 apiece.

Secular Suppliers
"Go to your local school supply store and check it what they have!" says Gen Templeton. Besides your local school supply, however: 

The Information Center on Children's Cultures, service of the U.S. Committee for UNICEF (331 38th St., New York, NY 10016; (212) 686-5522) is a wonderful 3-page address list of information offices in the United States sponsored by foreign countries. These offices have a number of resources available concerning indigenous arts and crafts, songs, games, languages, cultures, foods. Write them and find out! Some of the materials are free, some not. The list of agencies costs $1. 

Good Apple, Inc. (Box 299, Carthage, IL 62321; .17) 357-3981) has two Windows to the World activity books for 2nd through 8th graders. Each focuses on seven countries, their geographical and historical background, language, food, plants, and animals. 128 pp.; includes reproducible sheets; ?.95 each. Their Ethnic Pride Idea Book focuses n 103 ethnic groups in America. It includes information about language, medicine, food, fashion, achievements; 170 activities; research sheets to elp children do their own research. For 4th through 9th grade. 152 pp.; $10.95.

Children's Press, Chicago, produces the "A few True Book" series that focuses on different continents, countries, and peoples.

Mission Ed Specialists
It seems the best sources of all are those who have put together complete mission education packages. The first three sources below are of particular interest. All of these women arc competent children's mission curriculum workshop leaders.

Ele Parrott (Highlands Community Church, 3031 NE Tenth St., Renton, WA 98056; (206) 255-4751) has complete plans÷including the lesson, activities, crafts, and food experiences÷for her Kinder Club program (see story). Ten months, four weekly plans per month. $5 per monthly packet, $50 for all 10 plans.

Janis Bell (331 Edgewood Rd., York, PA 17402; (717) 757-6793) has three "Missions for Children" programs and a carefully-annotated, and well-organized mission resource handbook. Two of the children's programs focus on regions/peoples (the Middle East and India's Hindus), and one seeks to instill a broad. World Christian perspective by looking at the significance of the Easter story (Jesus' resurrection). The resource handbook is $2.50; the curricula are $4.00 apiece. Include $1 postage & handling for first item; 50 cents for each additional piece. Pennsylvania residents must also include 6% tax.

Gerry Dueck (1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104; (818) 797-0595) has a 53-page, photocopied "Resources and Lessons for Childrens' Missions Education" booklet containing a hodge-podge of lesson plans, children's activities, resource and source lists, etc. $6 including postage.

Jackie Roberts (2631 Beethoven, Portage, MI 49081; (616) 327-2338) has produced a 30-page collection of reprinted articles, suggestions, and resources; especially strong on missions in the home. "Motivating Children for Missions" may be obtained from Mrs. Roberts at the above address.

As a result of the recent Children's Mission Curriculum Workshop (see article) and the expected secondment of Dick and Dorothy Schultz to the U.S. Center for World Mission, we are hoping that by the middle of 1988 there will be a fully-operational children's mission resource bibliography, lending library, and referral service housed at the Center.

Last, but not least, Geri Templeton (Calvary Church, 1010 N. Tustin Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705; (714) 973-4800) is occasionally available for seminars.

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