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January 1988


Editorial Comment

Facts and Fallacies

Christian Groups Reset World Evangelization Goal for Year 2000

COMIBAM '87 - Mission Meeting of the Century

Children's Mission Education Part 1 - Mission Centered Education?

Children's Mission Education Part 2 - Ele Parrott: One Woman's Story

Children's Mission Education Part 3 - Geri Templeton: A Time for Everything

Children's Mission Education Part 4 - Starting Your Own Program

Children's Mission Education Part 5 - Adopt a Missionary

Children's Mission Education Part 6 - Workshop Spurs Curriculum Production

Children's Mission Education Part 7 - Children's Mission Curriculum Sources

Beyond the Campaign: Excerpts from a Speech by Ralph Winter to the USCWM Staff

Beyond the Campaign: A Mission Renewal Movemnt

Around the World

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The Editorial of Ralph D. Winter
Founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission

winter.JPG (5355 bytes)Dear Friends,

The all-night marathon to complete all the pages of Mission Frontiers has got to be the most difficult I have ever been through.

Once again as I write these words the rolling of the presses of 70,000 copies is only and hour or so away, and the mailing will be in just a day or two!

Our cover story, we are embarrassed to note, doesn't not receive as much space as a sparkling special section on children's mission vision.  But COMIBAM '87 will very easily fail to be seen as the most important conference of this century unless we recognize the following. The relatively sudden 'swoosh' of the vast, enthusiastic Third World churches as international allies in the final countdown of the unfinished Task as significant as the hyperdrive that explodes a spaceship into the realm of the speed of light. Nothing sparking, highlighting the kind of brilliant new force in the task can possibly be outdone, outshone, outranked!

Dear friend is your life getting reorganized around the finishing the task? Three things you need to lay your hands ion right now" Two beautiful new books are on the back cover. The other is what every one will get free who orders anything this month (see page 30).  John Kyle has already edited a book called The Unfinished Task. Now he has an even more exciting book called Finishing the Task. Notice the difference in those titles?  The one radiates the conviction that his task is finishable. My own contribution to that book represents the most exciting new insight I have ever gained. (How can anything be more important that that which has to do with the seeing of Him face to face?) Are you looking forward to that? In the near future? Don't Miss it!

With great gratitude,

Ralph D. Winter
General Director

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