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The Magazine for Serious Disciples

The Directory of Articles Contained in the January 1988 Issue

Cover Story: COMIBAM: Mission Meeting of the Century 

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Editorial Comment
by Ralph D. Winter

Facts and Fallacies
by Ralph D. Winter

Even the Los Angeles Times is Getting in on the Year 2000 Discussion

Christian Groups Reset World Evangelization Goal for Year 2000
by John Dart

In the late 1880s, prominent American evangelist D. L. Moody enthusiastically led an Anglo-American clarion call to spread the Christian Gospel to all the world by 1900, and thus set the stage for the return of Christ.

COMIBAM '87 - Mission Meeting of the Century
by Ralph D. Winter

I am writing right in the midst of COMIBAM (meaning, Congreso Misionero Iberoamericano-'87), here in Brazil—a meeting the like of which has never been held in all of human history. I believe we can see the future of missions more clearly by looking at this meeting more closely.

Children's Mission Education Part 1 - Mission Centered Education?
by John Holzmann
In many churches, mission education is a side-line. Several authorities argue that it should be central to the entire Christian education program.

Children's Mission Education Part 2 - Ele Parrott: One Woman's Story
by John Holzmann
Ele Parrott's Kinder Club is designed not merely to give children head knowledge, but activists' hearts for missions.

Children's Mission Education Part 3 - Geri Templeton: A Time for Everything
by John Holzmann
What's involved in giving missions its rightful place in every phase of the children's Christian education program? Geri Templeton, whom many mission educators consider their "mother" in the field, offers some suggestions.

Children's Mission Education Part 4 - Starting Your Own Program
by John Holzmann
There are a few things a person needs before he is equipped to start a mission education program in his local church.

Children's Mission Education Part 5 - Adopt a Missionary
by John Holzmann
Personal relationships with missionaries and missionary kids are vital if mission education is to be effective. Geri Templeton explains her philosophy for helping to make such relationships happen.

Children's Mission Education Part 6 - Workshop Spurs Curriculum Production
by John Holzmann
Too few Christian book stores carry mission curricula for children; even book publishers seem unaware of the need or of what they are producing. The USCWM's mobilization division convened a "Children's Mission Curriculum Consultation" November 13th and 14th 1987 to help remedy the situation.

Children's Mission Education Part 7 - Children's Mission Curriculum Sources
by John Holzmann
Those "in the know" say there are four main sources for children's mission curriculum materials; mission agencies; Christian publishers, secular suppliers, and children's mission education specialists. Some of the best sources are listed below.

Beyond the Campaign: Excerpts from a Speech by Ralph Winter to the USCWM Staff
by Ralph D. Winter
ãWe've got to realize that we are now outnumbered. Our Îstaffâ is mainly not here. Our network of workers, if God permits us to carry them with us now, are in the majority . . . . They have this country in their hands to an extent that we here never have had and never will . . . .

Beyond the Campaign: A Mission Renewal Movemnt
by Wesley Tullis
The place was Promontory Point, Utah. The date: May 10, 1869. Leland Stanford drove the ceremonial final gold spike in the Transcontinental Railroad. It was the capstone to a project begun many arduous years before.

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