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January 1988


Editorial Comment

Facts and Fallacies

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Beyond the Campaign: Excerpts from a Speech by Ralph Winter to the USCWM Staff

Beyond the Campaign: A Mission Renewal Movemnt

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Beyond the Campaign:

A Mission Renewal Movement

by Wesley Tullis

The place was Promontory Point, Utah. The date: May 10, 1869. Leland Stanford drove the ceremonial final gold spike in the Transcontinental Railroad. It was the capstone to a project begun many arduous years before.

Glorious as the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad was, it was merely the foundation for a bigger cause and a larger movement: improved commerce between East and West, and a massive population move West.

It appears that the final spike has been driven in the debt payment of the U.S. Center for World Mission. The question is: will we raise our eyes from the strain of laying the rails so that we may see God’s grand plan for the nations?

A New Vision
As I look at all God is doing through major prayer and mission mobilization ministries across our country, I am stirred to new dimensions of faith that revival and mission renewal are on the way. Now more than ever we need to launch forward in desperate prayer and determined action to see a new move of God take place.

One thing the “Last $1000” Campaign has made rousingly clear to us here at the Center: God has His “remnant” across this country! Christians are willing to pray and work sacrificially in order to see the church gain new vision and become involved in new movements of His Holy Spirit.

Concerts of Prayer, the Frontier Fellowship, the Association of Church Missions Committees, the Association of International Mission Services, Caleb, the Student Foreign Mission Fellowship, Theological Students for Frontier Missions, and others are all finding similar manifestations among their constituents of a rising earnestness to seek and obey Jesus in His global purposes.

That is why I believe 1988 is a crucial year to call for Regional Mobilizers’ Workshops. The Workshops are intended to provide a forum in which ministries involved in mobilizing the church for world evangelization can become more aware of each other’s efforts, encourage each other, and discover practical ways to work together on a city-wide or regional basis.

As in the days of Nehemiah, when each group had to maintain its vision for the larger project while fulfilling its specific task, so today: we need to honor and esteem each ministry in its specific calling, while broadening our sights to see how we can combine our strengths for greater effectiveness.

Whatever results from these meetings will depend upon those who attend: what they envision, own, and implement.

Major topics to be covered: The Call for a Mission Renewal Movement; The Absolute Priority of Prayer; The Process of Mobilization; Regional Strategies that Have Worked; What a Regional Network Might Look Like; Proven Resources.

As a result of united efforts, the wall of Jerusalem was completed more rapidly than if the various parties had labored independently of one another. Perhaps today the task of world evangelization can be completed more rapidly because diverse ministries are able to work together. That is our prayer as we set up these Workshops.

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