This is an article from the March-April 1979 issue: Who is a Missionary

Women Unite!

Women Unite!

The Women's Prayer Council at the U.S. Center for World Mission has been established to assist Christian women across the country to pray for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Not every Christian is able to go to another country as a missionary, but everyone can To this end, the WPC prepares and mails out prayer sheets giving information about the needs of the Center and about groups of people who are beyond any present work.

In addition, the WPC encourages local gatherings where women may learn more firsthand about the importance of prayer for missions.

The first such meeting was held at the Center on Saturday morning February 10. Fifty women came to hear missionary Carol Richardson. She and her husband, Don, spent 15 years among the Sawi people of New Guinea. Missionary facts are fuel for prayer.

"Echoes of Praise."

Listen to "ECHOES OF PRAISE" on which Bill Davis is working his way through the Once More Around Jericho book chapter by chapter, interviewing and redramatizing the people and events mentioned in each chapter.

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The Christian faith has known a number of great revivals, waves of the Spirit of God which ripple across history. Dr. J. Edwin Orr of Fuller Seminary has studied these movements. He discovered no revival occurs without an initial wave of prayer. The world's greatest mission movements have historically sprung from the soil of revival. To reach the 2.5 billion people who yet remain without the Good News, we must pray we must sow seeds in prayer which will ultimately bear fruit in action.

Where can we begin, you and I? How can we pray wisely for an entire planet with so many hidden pockets of culture?

Here are some practical suggestions:

The Operation World Handbook sets forth prayer needs of many thirdworld countries. With this information, it is possible to pray for specific cultures.

"Watchman on the Great Wall", produced by the Chinese Study Institute, suggests certain prayer needs for China on a daily schedule.

The U S Center issues a weekly prayer sheet with requests for, daily prayer designated for "hidden people" groups.

Each of these sources furnishes information enabling an individual or group with understanding for distinct peoples throughout the world.

We can also pray that God will raise up an army of young people with lives dedicated to His work overseas. We can pray for foreigners who live in the U.S.; and we can pray that political struggles overseas will open the way to plant churches among hidden peoples.

Let us pray, then. Avenues for wise prayer are open if we seek them. 'It is not enough to say, "God, bless the world."

Frontiers still forbidding will be penetrated as we assault them with our prayers. People will be reached for God as we reach God in prayer.


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