This is an article from the October-December 1984 issue: The US Center: Its Present and Its Future

What Does a Mission Renewal Team Do?

What Does a Mission Renewal Team Do?

A Mission Renewal Tears is constituted by a very small group of two or more 'Simeons" who covenant together to attempt to sow seeds of HOPE in the lives of 30, 60, or 100 people. The average is planned out to be 40.

It will take from two to ten hours a week for from two to four months.

Each team is equipped with 40 challenging brochures, but only 30 'Founder's Packets" for those who are willing to give $16.95. This follows the interpretation in the diagram below where perhaps 10 of the 40 will not respond at all.

The 40 carefully and prayerfully chose people who are approached   perhaps by a visit to their house   are challenged at the outset to assist in the founding of the U.S. Center for World Mission. But the more important goal is to invite them into a 6 lesson World Review Mission Study series. (They may have already given to the U.S. Center.) Perhaps only 20 will respond to the study option.

Most important of all, and most exciting to the Mission Renewal Team, is to expect toward the end of the lesson series that 10 will be willing to take on the discipleship function themselves as part of a new Mission Renewal Teams.

How do we expect to line up enough Mission Renewal Teams?

It may at first seem hopeless to anticipate 30,000 Mission Renewal Teams, when our own mailing list is only 48,000, after eight years of ministry.

The answer we believe is the the happy circumstance that many other organizations have long wanted to help us. At this stage we ought not mention names. Anyone who has a national following can be a National Enabler.

This plan allows them to deal with their own followers on their own. Neither the Mission Renewal Team 'Simeons" nor the other "Sineon" type believers they contact will be known to us. All the materials and funds will be handled at the regional level.

Each National Enabler will develop 10 Regional Enablers, each finding 10 congregational level enablers, wto in turn will help to set up 10 Mission Renewal Teams, each of which will sow the seed in the lives of 40 people, 30 responding with the gift, 20 also studying, 10 becoming the nucleus of new Mission Renewal Teams.

Note that only the first level of operation churns up money for the U.S. Center. How much? Thirty times $16.95, of which only $15 goes to the USCWM, the rest for the materials. But that's $450 per Team, $4,500 per congregation, $45,000 per Regional Representative, and $450,000 per National Enabler.

In the following generation all these funds go to the National Enabler or Regional Enabler's own Frontier projects. And it could be an amount of money ten times as large! That is, the National Enabler's Network would churn up $450,000 for the U.S. Center, but potentially $4,500,000 for that particular group.


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