This is an article from the October - December 1985 issue: Youth With a Mission

USCWM Staff Ages

USCWM Staff Ages

These ninety individuals are almost entirely the central staff at the USCWM. For fun, I added the last two, ages 88 and O respectively, because those two mature saints show up on a reduced basis to help us, and because theft ages give persçtcti1/2 to the rest of the work force.

Some are listed hem because they meet with the central staff for the morning prayer time, but actually function as directors of some of the autonomous projects on campus where there are not yet enough in their work forces for them to have their own prayer times. An example: the new Instltwe of Global Urban Studies, headed by the Monsmas.

But the main reason for giving our readers this insight into who we are by age, is to try to attract more people to this heavily burdened group of super people. We have lots of younger people to add excitement and creativity. We lack enough older hands to bring experience and encouragement to the task.

We want more of all ages. We have 60 vacant positions. See the article on page 27.

But also, pray especially for the four people, aged 41 through 45, who are disproportionately significant due to their key age in bridging the gap between the early and the law people. An McCleary, age 45. is the general manager of everything, He and his wife must be made of iron and yet continue to be very understanding, and they are literally indispensable, absolutely essential. But can they keep on without some additional experienced managenal help?

Pray about it. It is only a few minutes, really, before we will be giving account of the stewardship of our lives in the presence of the Lord. Dawson Trotman of the Navigators used to say, "Never do anything that others can do or will do, if there are tasks to be done that others cant do or won't do," That sage advice could be, for you, dear reader, the basis for a whole new career!


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