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The Wheel Has Been Invented

The Wheel Has Been Invented

Has God put mission education in your children’s ministry sights? Want to know where to go for resources–if resources even exist? Cheer up! All the basics have been created and are readily available. Seven are listed below. All you need to add are specific people/projects your church or agency endorses.

1) Caleb Project

THUMB Teacher’s Resource Kit. Introduce your children to the 10/40 Window and a representative people group from each of the major religions: Tribal, Hindu, Unreligious (atheistic), Muslim and Buddhist. CD/DVD format with six state-of-the-art video presentations, teacher guides and downloadable handouts for kids.

Outside the Lines The powerful adult mission course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, designed for use with kids. This curriculum comes in CD/DVD format and includes four tracks: KG/1st, 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, & 6th through 8th grades. Everything you need for teaching is here including music, media clips, directions for crafts and activities, teachers’ guides and student handouts. Adaptable for use in 13-week and up to 26 weeks time frame.
God’s Got Stuff To Do (DVD & CD) format for teachers and student guidebook bring six missionary roles children can play now. This is an excellent follow-up to previous materials.

Window on the World 96: two-page country and people group presentations for children with full-color photographs, information, stories and prayer items.
RED CARD–Eight interactive lessons engage the entire family in exploring God’s heart for children at risk. Appropriate content for grade 4 and up. (Published in 2009)

2) Group Publishing ~ Compassion

HOPE LIVES A five-week journey that transforms children’s hearts and nurtures a Jesus-centered, compassionate response to poverty. (Published in 2009)

3) Through the Bible Publishers – DiscipleLand Curriculum

This full six-year curriculum (Levels 1-6 for Grades 1-6) follows a sound scope and sequence for biblical literacy and discipleship. It also includes mission teaching in every lesson at every level. Newly-developed Web site for parents and kids enhances the mission teaching.

Also, available: two stand-alone, 13-week “adventures” take kids to the Philippines with Bible translators, and around the world with the Jesus Film. More adventures coming.

4) Children’s Bibles

PlanetWord –; Nelson Publishers. Created with Wycliffe input, this mission study Bible (NKJV) provides an abundance of missions material in kid-friendly format with a closing section of full-color illustrations. Suitable for 3rd/4th graders and older.

The Global Bible– Features over 40 full-page presentations on countries around the world. Controlled vocabulary version makes this Bible suitable for younger readers.

5) Interactive Discipleship Program – Global Xpress Kids Club & Lil’ Engines. (Monthly Magazines)

Check out the Web site to see how much this mission club for children offers! Includes links to other exciting missionary Web sites for kids. Offers a program for using materials in a weekly church or club context. (Note: no “e” on xpress in web site address.)

6) Voice of the Martyrs - Kids of Courage

Free quarterly magazine featuring areas where the church is under pressure and Christians still suffer. Appropriately formatted for kids. Curriculum guide is offered for purchase each time.

7) Build a Children’s Mission Reading Library

Series of missionary biographies: Christian Heroes, Then & Now; Heroes for Young Readers; Hero Tales, I,II,III,IV. Some with curriculum guides. Also, Reel Kids Adventures, mission/fiction.


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