This is an article from the December 1983 issue: Heroes on the Homefront Part 2

Should We Give Up?

Should We Give Up?

Should we give up? Is it worth trying to pursue the magnificent goal of giving new vision and hope to a million people? (That's an additional 960,000 people!)

It is hard to believe that seven years have passed now, and that we have just barely weathered the biggest crisis of our existence. Just barely, I say.

We asked God for $6 million..

He gave us only a husky $927,676.

We didn't make the full balloon payment Sept 1st, and we are now in a much higher interest rate period. If we don't work Faster and harder, we're through!

Well, we are at least alive. We still have this magnificent 35 acre mission base. We still spend most of our time pumping out masses of good things. At the same time we are pursuing our unique goal of inviting a million people to give us their one time $15 "Founders Gift" (and receive new vision and hope in the process).

At the end of February another $300,000 is due. Can we run fast enough, getting $15 each from enough brand new people to raise that much? It will take 20,000 new people giving $15 each to make that amount. What a challenge to introduce that many new people to the frontier challenge! But can we?

We can only do our best. Even the 10,000 and some letters that came in during this past crisis bogged us down for two months! But our computer center has now helped out magnificently in that area. Ok, two plans:

PLAN A: Church Groups

We still seek Students groups, Sunday School classes, womens groups, Bible Study groups, whole congregations, to plan a one hour working social event in which our little kits 0+ 10 Founders' invitations will be sent out (to people outside of the congregation) with the prayer that new people will be given vision as well as challenged to become one time gift Founders of this Center.

We know this plan works. We have tried it for the last three months. Pages 14 17 list all the wonderful people who have placed these little 10 invitation kits, Think of the the 12,556 new people who are now aware of the frontiers. Ask for a kit. Select 10 Christmas cards you receive this year from people who are likely to appreciate this sort of challenge.

PLAN B: Mission Agencies

As of last week, a staggering new element has entered the picture: a major mission agency has offered to work with us in this campaign. This wonderful group has over 500,000 donors and prayer warriors. We'll be able to tell you the details in the next issue.

How can a mission agency help? It is precisely a mission agency that can both gain the most and give the most to the new people contacted. A local church may get 1,000 invitations mailed out (and we find the response rate is about 20%) but not know what to do with the 200 people scattered all over the country who respond! A mission agency is constantly nurturing the faith and hope of such people.


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