This is an article from the March-April 1979 issue: Who is a Missionary

Satisfying Service

Satisfying Service

March 28 this year marked the first anniversary of my service at USCWM. I began as a parttime volunteer last spring, worked fulltime in the mailing department last summer and attended the Institute of International Studies that fall. I have now joined the Center Staff as Services Division Manager.

While in the mailing department I especially enjoyed using my contacts with semiretired or retired Christian people to provide volunteer workers for our large bulk mailings. It has given me real satisfaction to work with these fine people as we together serve the Lord here.

Harold Coulter, at 79, has been one of our most faithful men. He says, "I love doing this mailing because it's serving Jesus. My contact here has been tremendously enjoyable. It has taught me about the hidden people. I had no idea there were hidden people.

"I've been around missions all my life, but this is one of the greatest things I have ever heard about. This Center is aiming at people where no mission is working. That's why I am excited about it. Otherwise it would just be duplicating somebody else's work" (2 Co. 1O:16).

We are building a full volunteer program staffed with retired persons. This is an opportunity for Mr. and Mrs. Harold Coulter ongoing service for Christ.

Think of having a vital part in taking the Good News to 2.5 billion people in the world, people among whom churches must still be planted'

I look forward to seeing these offices bustling with the daily activity of many regular volunteers who are as excited about this great project as I am.


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