This is an article from the March 2001 issue: God’s Story

Resources to help you find your place in the journey

So what do I do now?

There I was standing at the edge of this wide chasm looking across at the other side. Just months before I had taken the plunge. I had begun a trek where no man had gone before; I had decided to be involved in missions. Okay, so I'm not the only one who has ever done this, but standing there, on the verge of a whole new life, I felt very alone. Where do I go? Who do I talk to? What do I need? How can I be ready? Which application do I fill out first?!

Thankfully, in my back pocket was a neatly-folded trail map I had picked up at Urbana. It was just waiting to be studied and traced, so with a deep breath I spread it out to see where I was and what my next step should be.

Get good shoes, it says. I thought my Macgregor hightops were okay.

Find God's mission in the Bible, take Perspectives or work through a missions Bible Study, it continued.

Hmm, where would I find that?

Just as I was sinking back into self-doubt I looked on the back of this map and there were four Bible Studies recommended and information on how to get them. A few clicks of the mouse and I was on my way!

Now with two feet dressed appropriately and new confidence I was ready to move on.

Get informed, was the next step. "Know the globe and its needs."

Of course. Why didn't I think of that? How could I pray for the Kurds if I didn't really know what their situation was (and I have always wondered where Timbuktu really was). But how could I learn all this kind of stuff without becoming a CNN junky? I decided there was only one place to turn--to the other side of the map. There on the back were suggested books and how to order them!

I'm catching on now, I thought. I don't have to stumble along in the dark. This isn't as hard as I thought. Okay, bring on the next step!

Get cross-cultural. Experience the unreached face to face.

Well, I can check that one off. I went to Mexico when I was in high school.

That's when I noticed a warning sign on the map. "What's this?" I said, reading aloud "Dead End Trail: Short Term Inoculation."

After reading the back of the map it began to dawn on me that I can't let that trip years ago pacify my obedience to God by thinking I had done my duty and could get on with my life. I see now that my duty is to obey Him continually. I decided right then to get my feet wet once again on a short-term and I found plenty of opportunities using the resources on the back of this map. I also learned that I can be more intentional about befriending internationals while I am on this side of the journey.

Encouraged to be on the right path again I studied the map to see my next assignment.

Get evangelistic: Develop a witnessing lifestyle.

That one didn't seem so easy. I was convicted that I should be putting this into practice right now instead of thinking it's something I'll do once I cross the chasm to the field. I was relieved to see some tips listed on how to get started.

So this process went on and I found myself climbing down from the overlook step by step and walking out on a path that crosses the chasm. I had not seen it before, but with every step I took the next few feet of the trail became visible and clear. It's not a giant leap to mission involvement after all!

If you feel like I did, intimidated by the future, this trail map should be in your back pocket too. Whether you feel called to be a Goer, a Sender, part of the Home Team, or a globally minded career person, this trail map offers advice and recommends resources along your trek. Do you have debt problems? Feel like you need more Bible training? Want to meet mission-minded friends? It's all talked about on "The Trail" map.

Order a copy by visiting the Caleb Resources website at or by calling 303-730-4170 extension 332.

And join me on this global journey for God's glory!

Heather Miller works in the student mobilization department of Caleb Resources, based in Littleton, Colorado.

My Global Impact

You've changed recently. You want your life to count. You desire to make His name great among the nations. You want to live for God and not for yourself. But it has been difficult. Since this transformation has taken place you haven't fit in so well with the everyday mindset of the people around you. You haven't found anyone who has a heart that understands this passion you now have.

If this is you, check out Log o.n, register your interests, and MyGlobalImpact will help you find peers who share your passion. Get e-mail from others struggling with the same issues–like debt, relationships, or support raising. Let your peer group hold you accountable for goals you make. Find valuable prayer partners. Chat online with like-minded world-changers.

Looking for an article about ministering to Muslims? Got it. Need a resource for support raising? Find it here.

If you read a book recently you think the world should know about, post a review. You can find people in your town to pray with weekly by doing a power search. Want other people's opinion on supporting national workers? Create you own poll. Need some feedback on your ideas of contextualization? Start a discussion. There's even a place for you to finally publish that poem you wrote about poverty and hope. This is a website that you and your peers design. It's totally interactive and completely tailored to your interests.

The more you use it, the closer you get to fulfilling the driving passion in your soul. Make your impact on the world and get help from!

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