This is an article from the November-December 2023 issue: Movements Accelerating through Crisis Response


A Catalyst for Mission Innovation


What’s In a Name? 

Despite what its name may suggest, the Winter Launch Lab (WLL) is not a center for win- ter sports. Named in honor of Dr. Ralph D. Winter, this dynamic team operates within Frontier Ventures and serves as a dedicated laboratory for mission innovation.

Who We Are   

Comprised of a diverse group of innovators, each member contributes their own specialized expertise towards a singular goal: bringing the Gospel to the least-reached communities around the world. The WLL unites people with varying backgrounds and passions, allowing for a broad spectrum of innovation that can’t be found elsewhere.

Our Areas of Focus    

Our projects range widely but are deeply rooted in the concept of frontier missions. Key areas include:

·       Health: Catalyzing solutions to complex global health challenges where they’re most needed.

·       Bitcoin in Missions: Exploring how cryptocurrency can serve global missions.

·       The Spirituality of Innovation: Understanding how innovation and innovators intersect with Jesus-following communities, spiritual life, and spiritual practices.

·       Nomadic Outreach: Developing approaches to share the Gospel with mobile and isolated communities.

·       Midwifery: Uniting frontline midwifery workers in the art and science of midwifery.

·       Entrepreneurial Businesses: Supporting business startups in regions where Frontier Peoples (sometimes called UUPGs and FPGs) are to sustain long-term outreach as well as being successful midsize businesses.

How We Help Others   

The WLL doesn’t just innovate in-house; we provide several platforms to assist other mission workers, agencies, and networks in overcoming their challenges:

1.    Unstuck Peer Consultation: This service is aimed at providing new perspectives to tackle leadership and mission-related is- sues, helping participants feel “unstuck.”

2.   Jumpstart Workshops: These sessions help teams define challenges, encourage prayerful reflection, and design fresh strategies for impact.

3.   Transformational Collaborative: This is a longer-term commitment, typically 1-3 years, focused on using innovation and spiritual discernment to break through significant barriers to the Gospel. Participants find themselves, as well as their ministry paradigms, transformed through this intensive process.

Our Community    

Our core team collaborates with an extensive network of partners, expanding our reach and impact. This network brings our total team size to around 40 people, all of whom share the conviction that more indi- viduals and groups should be involved in this vital work.

The Unique Spirit of the WLL    

The need to deliver the whole Gospel to the whole world isn’t just a chal- lenge—it’s a sacred calling. And it’s one we approach with relentless dedication and joy. We deeply value your prayers as we continue to press forward in this exhilarating, and at times challenging, landscape of global missions.

If you’re interested in mission innovation, the WLL stands as a strong, creative and strategic team. It’s not just an exciting place to work; it’s a transformative community to be part of.


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