This is an article from the March-April 1979 issue: Who is a Missionary

Passport to the World

Passport to the World

Did you know that trained teachers of English as a Second Language (TESL) are in high demand in practically every country of the world?

English language teachers can obtain positions in countries which are normally closed to missionaries from the West. Even Red China has recently asked for English teachers from the United States.

For those interested in working overseas, TESL can serve as a passport to get there. USCWM trains TESL teachers for overseas work.

Both an MA in TESL and a certificate program are offered. This summer there will be a specialized course in TESL for the Chinese world.

Focus: China

Last December, the United States granted diplomatic recognition to the People's Republic of China. Suddenly, close to a billion of the world's hidden peoples for the first time in 30 years, began to be increasingly open to the flow of outside influences.

Across the nation, God's people persons burdened to reach the are asking important questions Chinese people for Christ. They are seeking guidance. Is China will be exposed to many complex opening again to missions? What issues concerning Chinese devel

is our response? What will missions opment around the world and to China be like in the future? will consider ways to plant church? How has China changed since 1949? es among the Chinese. What lessons should we learn from The course will consist of China mission in the past? Special topics in Communism.

These and many other questions Chinese culture and subcultures, demand prompt and careful thought. history, traditional religions.

A new China awaits the world, a history of the Christian movement China deeply ploughed by forces and modern trends in religion in of revolution. China. In answer to this challenge, Students will be given a broad this summer the Institute for view of the Chinese world. InforChinese World Mission, a part of mation and tools will be offered the USCWM, will hold a course en with which to come to grips with titled, "Dimensions in Chinese developing strategy for evangelWorld Development." And, accord ization in the Chinese world. ing to Dr. Danny Vu, coordina Outstanding leaders in mission ting professor, we expect to see to Chinese will lecture and be a sizable influx of students available for counseling.


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