This is an article from the December 1980 issue: Edinburgh 1980 Reports



G.I.F.T.S. of India

Although India produced over three times as many films last year as the United States, Christians in India have just begun to recognize the potential of film for evangelism.

Gahlean International Films and Television Services (GIFTS) of India, recognizes that potential, and is mobilizing Christian film makers in India. GIFTS is an offshoot of International Films, Inc., of the U.S.A., a member agency of the U . S. Center for World Mission.

In January 1981, GIFTS is offering its third annual workshop to train Christian communicators. in the city of Bombay.

"The magnetic lure of the silver screen is a universal one, says the GIFTS brochure, "but it is perhaps even more powerful in India where approximately six out of ten people cannot read."

ISI: Reaching 'Hidden Students'

With 150 staff members coordinating activities with students in fifty locations in the U . S., International Students Incorporated has opportunity to minister on college and university

campuses to students from many hidden people groups. According to Hal Guffey, president of ISI, priority is given to sharing with those who are from unreached areas of the world. At a recent meeting at the Center, Guffey explained that their goal is to help establish a witness among every people, and to help train and develop leadership within the church. People from areas that may be closed to missionaries become more accessible as their students come to study in the U.S. For instance, of the 300,000 international students in the U.S., 20 25 percent are from OPEC countries. ISI is headquartered at Star Ranch, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 3

Wycliffe Film Explodes Myths

"The Five Hardest Questions," a new film produced by Wyciffe Bible Translators, is designed to combat some erroneous presuppositions some have about life on the mission field.

Rob Tregenza, director of the excellent 50 minute film was on hand to field questions from the audience when it screened recently at the Center.

Interviewing translators from Mexico, Philippines, and Quebec, Tregenza asked questions that were squarely faced and answered by each translation team. Questions included: "Is the missionary a tool of cultural imperialism?", "What are the important skills for a missionary to have?", and "What are the implications for a family on the field?"

Tregenza is currently working on a film on hidden people in North Africa.

Islamic Seminar

The Second Annual Islamics Seminar will be held at Columbia Bible College February 20 21, 1981. The event is sponsored by the Southeast Regional Student Foreign Missions Fellowship (SFMF), which also hosted GO 1980! in November 1980, formerly known as Toccoa Conference.

Dr. Don McCurry, Director of the Samuel Zwemer Institute is the featured speaker. Also slated to share are Greg Livingstone (U.S. Director of North Africa Mission), Dr. Max Kershaw (International Students, Inc.), and Dr. Patrick Cate (International Missions, mc).

Questions about the regional conference should be directed to Co Director Craig Colbert! Columbia Bible College! P.0. 3122! Columbia, South Carolina/29230.

ECMC Prayer Day

Bishop William Frey and Miss Rosalind Rinker are the scheduled speakers at the Day of Prayer, sponsored by the Episcopal Church Missionary Community.

Saturday, January 17 from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. has been set aside by ECMC for prayer on world missions. All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena will host the day which will include workshops on various hidden people groups. Cost is $5 at the door.

For further information, contact the Reverend Walter Hannum, 1567 E. Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA, 91104. ECMC is an affiliate of the USCWM.


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