This is an article from the April 1980 issue: U.S. Center for World Mission 3rd Year Anniversary



Focus on Black American Mission Sending Base

The U . S. Center for World Mission welcomed a new member organization on campus this past January. Global Ministries, directed by Elgin Taylor, will focus on mobilizing and educating black American evangelicals with regard to their potential for a new missionary thrust. Taylor spent four years in Japan and fifteen in London with Christians Taylor in Action. He carried responsibilities for church planting, a university student ministry, and also directed his mission's training cen ter in London. In addition, he was European and African Area Director. Plans are being laid for a missions consultation for black ministers to be held this coming November on the East Coast.

Sidewalk to Southeast Asia

A new "how to" manual for refugee ministry within the U.S. will be published this June by the William Carey Library. It will provide a basic orientation for Christian families wishing to reach out to needy refugee families ("boat people") who might be hidden within the urban confines of any American city. Andy and Lorna Anderson, who developed the manual, state that a list of language recordings, printed materials, and communication tools has been included to aid those ministering to refugees The Andersons are no strangers to practical experience. Within three short months, while working for Gospel Recordings and the U . S. Center, they recruited fifteen American families to help in their refugee ministry.


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