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Missions in bite size pieces


Christian missionary fellowship focuses on hidden peoples

James Smith, General Director of the Christian Missionary Fellowship, in the September October issue of "Impact" made some timely comments about the development and adjustment of the mission's long range plans:

"During those [planning] years, two major facts emerged. First, "field? shifted from "nation¬states" (countries) to "people groups." Instead of perceiving needs, opportunities and receptivity by countries primarily, we see them as "peoples" (the ethne of the Great Commission). After researching Kenya, for instance, we concluded being led to the Maasai and Turkana peoples. Major research and consideration was also given to the Sam buru.

"Second, through coordinated studies resulting from world mission conferences, 16,750 unreached people groups were identified. And bold vision projected "A CHURCH FOR EVERY PEOPLE BY THE YEAR 20001" This means that every concerned Christian, church and agency must accelerate and multiply its world outreach. Since The Great Commission is the covenant purpose of God, the charter of the Church and the end toward which history moves, we must be more single in purpose and more ordered in priority."

These insightful comments reflect a hopeful and exciting trend now taking place among many missions. Attention is shifting from "occupied field? (countries) to the bypassed "hidden" people groups, signalling the transition to a new era of frontier outreach.

CMF was founded in 1949, and currently has 42

missionaries working in Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya and Mexico, primarily involved in church planting, evangelism, and support of national churches.

Denomination "advances" towards hidden peoples

In keeping with their ten year strategy to penetrate 100 Hidden People Groups, an entire issue of the Foursquare denominational magazine, "Advance" focused on "Hidden People   Penetrating the Last Frontiers."

Dr. Leland Edwards, Director of Missions 297 International for the Foursquare Church commented in the October "Advance" that, "in recent times, we have begun to realize afresh that the world's population is not made up so much of countries as it is of people groups."

The edition of the magazine is filled with articles such  as "The Foundation for Today's Missions," "Steps to Adopting a Hidden People," "Hidden But not Unreachable," and "Meeting Needs with Your Loose Change." Their goal is simple: to renew vision and vigor throughout the denomination for the final frontiers of the gospel.

The Foursquare Church has targeted 100 Hidden People groups in which to begin work, such as Moor & Malays of Sri Lanka; Turkish workers of Germany; and the Ilongots of Philippines.

Institute of hindu studies

Bruce Graham has accepted the invitation of the Working Committee of the Institute of Hindu Studies to be the Director of the study institute. Graham, a graduate in Cross Cultural Studies from Fuller Seminary, has spent extended periods of time in India involved in research and training programs in recent years. He headed up the Advanced IIS program there twice. Aron Jantzen will continue his part time assistance in the office.

More world mission centers

Ben Jennings, Director of International Missionary Advance announced that three more Centers for World Mission are being established, in Singapore, Japan, and Germany. They are requesting information on world mission advances and lectures on world missions. This makes a total of 25 "sister mission centers" around the globe in various stages of development.

Today's mission

magazine will begin regular bimonthly production in January '82, according to Gordon Aeschliman, publisher of the new missions magazine. They are seeking a full time editor, personally committed to missions, who is also able to write and edit missions materials. Applicants should contact Gordon at 1772 Sierra Bonita, Pasadena, CA 91104 or (213) 797-5320.


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