This is an article from the September - October 1997 issue: The Jesus Film Project Takes on the World

MF Behind the Scenes

Taking JESUS to the World Partnership is the Key

MF Behind the Scenes

Hollywood has nothing to compare with it. It is the most translated film in history at 420 languages and another one comes out every 7 days. The usual Hollywood film would be fortunate to have 30 translations. The JESUS film is also the most widely seen film ever with over one billion people having viewed it in 219 countries. But they are not resting on their laurels, they are planning on showing this film to another 4 billion people in the next three years. It’s a monumental task, but the JESUS Film Project has a plan to accomplish it. (See the article and interview starting on pages 7 and 9.)

The most significant fact in this global film project is the partnership of over 680 mission organizations who are currently using the film in their outreach efforts. This is in addition to the efforts of the JESUS Film Project itself. The JESUS film has truly become a global resource for the mission efforts of the global church. This film is a grand example of what the Body of Christ can accomplish by working together and cooperating toward a common goal. The JESUS Film Project would not have reached its current 1.2 billion viewers without the partnership of these mission agencies and they will need the help of the global Body of Christ if they are to reach 4 billion more by the year 2000. The kind of global partnership we have seen with the JESUS film is one of the reasons why we believe that a church for every people by AD2000 is still possible. But as we have always said, it will not happen unless we all get involved. Supporting the work of the JESUS film is just one of the things that we can do. There is no end to what we can accomplish if we will work together, laying aside our differences, to exalt Jesus Christ and build His Kingdom.

JESUS Film Statistics

1,120,977,663 viewers in 219 countries 56 million registered decisions for Christ 8,605 film prints in circulation (8mm, 16mm, 35mm) 2,143,598 JESUS videos in circulation: 93 countries have shown JESUS on TV 106 countries currently have JESUS Film Project sponsored teams working.

JESUS Film Teams: 1,430 JESUS Film Project Teams: 93 teams funded by other Campus Crusade for Christ ministries: 1,523 Subtotal: 700 Volunteer film teams trained in former USSR and Eastern Europe 2,223 total JESUS film teams:

To Pray and Support the JESUS Film

To pray for the JESUS Film Project you may: 1. Call their new Prayer Impact Hotline at 1(800)988-PRAY (7729) to leave your name and address to receive future “Prayer Impact” news. 2. E-mail them at: [email protected] Again, please include your full name, address, and zip at the end of your message. 3. Write to Janet Moen, Prayer Coordinator, The JESUS Film Project, P.O. Box 72007, San Clemente, CA 92674.

Translating the JESUS film into the 1,154 languages of 75,000 speakers or more is a pains taking process costing $25,000 each. Below is a list of the high priority translations that are currently needed. If you or your church have adopted one of these peoples, this is one way that you can help support an outreach to them.

High Priority Translations for the JESUS Film Taita Kenya 153,000 Madi Uganda 213,000 Moru Sudan 104,000 Kakwa Uganda 241,000 Tsishingini Nigeria 80,000 Mumuye Nigeria 400,000 Kamwe Nigeria 180,000 Chittagonian Bangladesh 10,000,000 Tetun Indonesia 300,000 Oriya, Adivasi India 200,000 Chavacano Philippines 280,000 Sama, Central-Philippines 171,000 Kuria Kenya 363,000 Pahari, Mahasu India 2,070,000 Bagheli India 1,500,000 Koya India 1,500,000 Chodri India 750,000 Khandesi India 1,504,000

Now You Can Get Your Degree Anywhere

You can now get either a B.A. or M.A. degree living anywhere in the world on the basis of the new “World Christian Foundations” curriculum; covering the material taught in Seminary, but with a missions perspective.

For More information. Contact the USCWM on the outer cover response form, email [email protected], or contact one of these regionally accredited Christian colleges:

M.A. Level: Steve Burris at Hope International University (formerly Pacific Christian College), 2500 Nutwood Ave., Fullerton CA 92631, 1-800-762-1294, ext 620.

B.A. Level: Tim Tomlinson at Northwestern College, 3003 Snelling Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55113-1598, 1-800-308-5495.


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