This is an article from the January-February 2019 issue: Is the End of Extreme Poverty in Sight?  What’s Working?

Maybe It’s Time to Pray

Maybe It’s Time to Pray

Years ago, when personal computers were just getting cheap enough for average Americans to have one on their desk, a few of the “computer geeks” set an alarm that would go off each hour and say: “maybe it’s time to pray!” 

There were some other “alerts” they set up which I won’t mention here, but now with smart phones and Apps, there are GREAT ways to remember to pray daily for the Unreached Peoples of the world. Here are four of them. Each of these tools allows you to pray “at a distance” with other believers around the globe. 

1.  We’ve produced the Global Prayer Digest since the early 1980s. Each day, your prayers are informed related to different people groups—usually focused in a given country or region each month. This app is produced and updated by a partner ministry in Taiwan called the United Mission to Taiwan. It is also available in Chinese. 

2.  Joshua Project began as one of Frontier Ventures’ ministries in 2000. Each day, their app gives practical details about “the People of the Day” and you can see how many others are praying each day. Note: Starting in May of 2019, both the GPD and the “People of the Day” apps will be focusing on the new category of Unreached Peoples called Frontier People Groups. You can learn more about this at: http://www.joshuaproject net o.r order a special, 31-day prayer guide for the largest Frontier People Groups at<./p>

3.  Operation World also offers an app that goes through every country of the world on an annual basis, listing data and information to fuel your prayers. Download each of these at the app store for your device. 

4.  The Waymakers app integrates prayer for our own city with prayer for God’s glory among the nations: pray/seek-god/app.

I pray almost every day using all four of these; two of them at 10 am Pacific Time. Will you join me in interceding for the peoples of the earth and the advance of God’s kingdom? 

When I share about these as I speak to groups, I tell people to turn OFF other notifications – they merely distract you. BUT, I urge people to turn ON these notifications and set them to remind you at a certain time each day. Yes, that too is an interruption. But more importantly it is a reminder that helps to feed our vision and fuel movements to Jesus.


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