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Whatever legitimate reasons the USA has in bombing a nation like Afghanistan, most of the people in poorer nations will not understand them. They will see it as the world’s most powerful nation bullying a poor nation. Their governments will be obliged to support the venture as USA is so powerful and going against it is economically damaging to poorer nations. But the people will not have sympathy with the US attacks. In fact some would have even more resent­ment because their governments are forced into supporting something like this because of the power of USA. I think with this present “war” the situation is very complex as there is a strong perception in Sri Lanka that some years ago the USA helped fund and train Bin Laden and the Taliban because they were opposed to the Communist rule of Afghanistan. So now when USA is talking against terrorism there is a little skepticism.

I know that the issues are very complex, and there are no simple answers. I personally do not know what the best response to the terrible attacks of September 11 is. My appeal to those in the missionary community is to separate themselves from these attacks on Afghanistan. They may feel it is needed, but they should be very careful about voicing support publicly.

Many Americans do not understand why there is so much antipathy toward USA, despite her immense generosity towards the poorer nations. I believe that one reason is that the power of USA makes poorer nations feel weak and helpless and forced to fit into the western agendas of things like global­ization. Paul said that in order to win the weak he became weak (1 Cor. 9:22). As the strength of the rich antagonizes many who feel weak in poorer nations, western missionaries would need to take on the attitude of weakness if they are to minister effectively among the weak.

Ajith Fernando Youth for Christ
Sri Lanka

MF Defeats a “Killer”

Many thanks to your organization for sending me free copies of the MF magazine to distribute. I just want to share a short testimony of the impact of this gift.

As a mission mobilization body, we take an annual short-term trip into Africa focusing on leadership develop­ment and mission mobilization in the northern parts of Zambia. The biggest threat that we discovered there was that of dependency; I mean it was really bad. Usually wherever we do training we distribute the MF magazine to new students, in this case pastors. Gradually over the past two years we could see the signs of dependency disappearing due to the number of articles that appeared over that period. On our last trip during the month of July we discovered that the pastors in that area understood the dangers of dependency to such an extent that they have implemented measures to avoid this “killer” in their midst. This was one of the biggest stumbling blocks in our working together with them
Now we can work together without having to watch out for “D”, with the local church leaders putting their trust on the Lord again and not on man.

MF magazine, a small gift, with a silent message that destroyed a major killer.

Thanks to all the Christians which donate towards the distribution of this fine gift.

Name withheld for security
South Africa

Who Is the Real Mission Field?

Seven Indian Christian leaders have been asked what the West can do for India. The time has come for the question to be turned the other way around. What can India do for a Christianity that is dying in the West?

For example, we now have over 40 million Christians in India compared to 5 million in the UK. Who should be sending missionaries to whom?

Yours in His Service,
the Revd. Jules Gomes
University of Cambridge

Strategic Giving

I thank your ministry for sending your Mission Frontiers magazine regularly to encourage the young ministry I am involved in.

Especially this month’s topic on financial matters in ministry is encour­aging to go through. I am going through this crisis in my family and ministry. Thank for your encourage­ment through your literature and I solicit your prayers for me to be strong and faithful in His service.

With you in His service,

C. Stephen David Discipleship Training Ministry Andhra Pradesh, India

Thanks for MF

Beloved, thanks a million for the four copies of MF you recently mailed me. I was thrilled. It is quite humbling on one hand to realize that we are not the only “prophets” left in Israel. On the other hand it’s also encouraging to note is that God’s house is full of dedicated and selfless generals like you faithful folks at USCWM. Kudos, your articles are so full of wealth and depth that I treasure old editions of MF. I consider it an abomination to throw old copies away.  Unthinkable.

Yours for the nations,
Irene Isiguzo

Just two days back I have received the September issue and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for this meaningful journal, which enlightens us toward missions. It is become my personal diary to be well acquainted with the importance of mission fields, and it exhorts and inspires me person­ally as we are serving and doing missionary work being tentmakers in the central part of North India. Where Your Treasure Is is an eye-opener for our generosity toward God and His bride. MF is mobilizing and expanding our vision for global mission, but at the same time it is also reminding us of Paul’s mission. Yes, key evangelical leaders are really trifling with missions. I appreciate this editorial and the articles.

Delhi, India

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