This is an article from the January-February 2003 issue: Singapore ‘02



Thanks for Emphasis on Missionary Care

As we have just returned from teach­ing a course in missionary member care in New Zealand, and sorted our mail, our hearts have leapt at the discovery that your new issue of Mission Frontiers is titled “From Surviving to Thriving.” ....We have promoted “thrival rather than just survival” as the optimum, as the appropriate goal for missions in car­ing for their people …

As God continues to swell the ranks of persons involved in missionary care, we believe the perspective of “thrival” needs to continue and to grow. We hope you will keep reinforcing that message too. Thanks for your work!

Dr. Lois Dodds, Heartstream

Thank you so much for discuss­ing missionary member care in your current magazine. I also appreciate that several times you refer to the book I co-authored with Dave Pollock on Third Culture Kids. Unfortunately, if people look for it under the title given in your magazine (The Third Culture Kid Experience: Growing Up among Worlds), it will come up as “out of print.” Our original publisher, Intercultural Press, was bought out by Nicholas Brealey, and they changed the title to Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds. A small change, but it is enough to stymie any computer search! If you could note this correction some­where in a future magazine, we would be most grateful.

Ruth E. Van Reken

Mission Frontiers Helps a New Church

Thanks for the great articles and insight, time and time again! As soon as Mission Frontiers comes in the mail I can’t help but read it cover to cover! I have also been blessed and amazed many times reading back issues.

For example, recently, I was thumb­ing through an older MF (December 2001) and came across the article on the “GO Team.” I am part of a church plant that just started last year, and we have a fledgling missions group...We have been talking about how to get our church body interested in missions, possibly hosting Perspectives, adopting a people, etc. and just last week we had a meeting where the goal was to define missions.

Then I read the article, and that’s exactly what GHCC struggled with too! It was great to read this story. I plan to share it with our group. What’s even better is that there was an insert talking about the impact of Perspectives on GHCC - something I have also been trying to explain to our group!

Paul Witkowski (Baltimore, MD)


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