This is an article from the October - December 1985 issue: Youth With a Mission



One of 1300 for TEAM?

I come from Alukuni village in Rigo sub province in Central Province, Papua New Guinea. I am doing my Diploma in Theology at Christian Leaders Training College (CLTC) in Bana, Mt. Hagen, PNG.

At CLTC we have representatives of ten different denominations who meet regularly to pray for Papua New Guineans to become involved in missionary work and world evangelization. Today there are more than 30 members who are praying weekly for this vision. Theft are also 700 others around Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands who have caught this vision and are praying too.

I was challenged when I read your Mission Frontiers bulletin about "TEAM Needs 1300 Workers by 1990" (Mission Frontiers, Vol. 6, No. 9, pg. 16). brought it up to the group as soon as the Lord told me it was another prayer point I realty appreciated the request in the bulletin, and will be available if the Lord calls.

Walo K. Valit Papua New Guinea

Great Paycheck Adventure

I was especially moved by the Lord through your challenge ("The Great Paycheck Adventure," Mission Frontiers, Vol.?. No. 7, p. 20), to live on twothirds income and give one third for three months. Alter prayer, my wife and I decided to join you and the others on the staff to support this crucial work in reaching the unreached. Enclosed is the rust month's installment.

Steve Gectnger, Pastor St Peters UCC Yutan, NB

I am both challenged and encouraged by what the Lord continues to accomplish through the USCWM. I praise God now for the ways that the financial obligations of the USCWM will be met The Lord has continued to expand my thinking regarding our financial responsibility to Christ and His commission, and I feel that He would have me give one third of my income over the next three months to the USCWM.

Of course, I realize that this is only a small expression of all that God would have me do for Him, but I am also very thankful for the opportunity to contribute as He leads and works in my bean. My expanded thinking is good, but my greatest need is that lie would enlarge my heart and my love for Him (Ps. 119:32), so that I might long for, and rejoice in every opportunity to invest all of myself in His kingdom for His glory.

This is my prayer for us, I would appreciate your prayers, too.The enclosed check represents one third of my salary for the next three months. I know you can use all of it now. God bless you and keep you for His glory!

Bill Bowman Burbank, CA

Mobilizing for the Hidden Peoples

I was unable to walk for the Hidden Peoples due to polio in my leg. But I was able to swim 120 laps in the Youth With A Mission swimming pool.

May the Lord bless the gifts He has brought for His work and may they be multiplied ten fold.

Nedral, Abadir Honolulu, HI

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this walk The youth of our church were helped in their understanding of world missions because of it

Tom Ruotolo, Youth Minister Gateway Baptist Church Columbia, SC


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