This is an article from the October-December 1984 issue: The US Center: Its Present and Its Future



Dear brothers.

On reading Frank kobbins' letter to Wycliffe Bible Translators members and published in our August/September "Intercom," I felt I should like to participate In your challenging ministry. I enclose a cheque for the sum of $15.95.

May God keep your vision and outreach under ills unerring direction.

Lillian W. Isla de Pascue, Chile

Dear brothers and sisters,

How we thank God for you and for the dual vision that brought you together: reach the unreached; bringing together the people of God to do It (John 17:21). It staggers the imagination to think how this world would be touched and changed if all God's people began to join hands In our common task

We are continuing to look for ways to share the vision of the tjSCWM among the churches of our area.

Tom M. Cranvllle, OH

Dear fellow Christians.

Your Mission Frontiers for August is tremendous in reporting sad realities along with happy possibilities.Along with my urgent prayers is enclosed one of the 146.000 gifts needed to cover the 8.5 million dollars needed. Seeing It God's Way is an eye opener. I hope to get the book, read it, and pass it on to those who "wear dark glasses.'

Looking to our Lord to intervene ....

O.S. Northridge, CA

United States Center for World Mission:

It is with heartfelt thanks that our pupils at Vacation Bible School at Court St. United Methodist Church wish to contribute this check of $20.00 for your splendid work to make a payment for the campus debt.

Janet M. Alameda. CA


The Global Prayer Digest is superb: very well done, creative, interesting, and challenging. I'd like to renew my subscription....

Thanks again. I commend you for your pursuit of excellence. May Jesus continue to be glorified.

Jacqul V. Norfolk, VA

The data published by the U.S. Center for World Mission has convinced us we should serve among unreached people, and the area of greatest need seems to be the Muslim world.

James H. Beverly. MA

Dear fellow brethren:

Just had to send you some extra money even though I have donated before. I'm hoping the battle to ,win the campus is going strong. I've been sharing with my friends about your mission to help reach unreached peoples  especially those in areas where it has been difficult to penetrate with the Word. I'm behind you all the way! Aren't we most fortunate to be working for the King?

Doris B. Normal, IL

Dear friends:

I know you through your literature and feel a close kinship with your objectives. I taught the "Perspectives" course last year at Penn View Bible Institute, This summer in London I taught a small class the first 13 lessons of "Perspectives' ....

Having now moved from Pennsylvania to the Hobe Sound Bible College here I am promoting "Perspectives" as the missions course to be required of all students. I hope I get to teach it!

Leroy A. Hobe Sound. FL

Dear people:

Thank you for sharing wth us your financial plight. You are right when you say it is exciting to see how God works in circumstances such as these.

God has certainly touched us through you, and at the same time has given us an abundance and a heart to share. We are two who read your bulletin, and two times $184.78 is $369.56. Enclosed is a check for that amount.

I did a little calculating, and if even 10% of your mailing list sent in $18111.78. you would have almost $850,000! There is no substitute for outreach, but those of us who already know of your work have no excuse for standing by idly and expecting others to carry the burden.

You have our prayers, and our thanks to a faithful God for His work through you.

Jim and Mary L.

Santa Monica, CA


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