This is an article from the March 1984 issue: Revolution in Missions at Trinity



Dear Mr. Bartlotti,

Some months ago our pastor introduced our fellowship to your publication. Daily Prayer Guide. It has been a blessing and a challenge and we thank you very much for it .... Our church will soon begin receiving group subscriptions to your Guide and we pray that the Lord of the harvest will use it to stir us to reach all the lost everywhere. May the Lord greatly bless and use you and your efforts for Him and for us.

Gratefully in Him,

-Mrs. Bud H. Tacoma, WA

Dear Saints,

Thank you for the encouragement of your prayer guide. It has definitely given me a much wider vision for "All the World" evangelism, not lust the places we know of.

In His precious name,

-Randal A.

I ora,se God for the Daily Prayer Guide and Frontier Scan! I have distributed the DPG to people with "Commission hearts." I pray that these "pray ers" will have their vision for God's world sharpened and be stirred to deeper prayer and support for God's mission. I'm especially excited about Frontierscan I've distributed them to most of the Christians in the dorms and also amongst various Christian groups on campus, pray that God will touch a few hearts in each of these campus crude and urge them to call others to commitment to God's mission.

With love and for Jesus' sake.

-Jeff F. Sacramento, CA

Instead of putting a gift in the Senior Citizens gift exchange here is five dollars to apply on radio ministries among Barbers, mentioned October 28, 1983 in your Frontier Fellowship Prayer Guide. God bless its use for His glory. I only wish is were a hundred times more than this,

-Mrs. Arthur R. Carlsbed, NM

Thank you so much for the faithful work you are doing. I A. praying for the full payment to come in, so it mill. Actually, there are a number of us here at Davis praying for your work..., because we are directly involved with it! Praise God! We just started a Frontier Fellowship group this past fall quarter, and then a daily prayer meeting was started (sparked by an IV conference with Dave Bryant as speaker!).

Now we are beginning a 24 hour prayer chain  Lord wilting  this coming winter quarter .... thought that this could encourage you. God is at work, pouring His Spirit out on His people and bringing revival in the touts of men! Hooray!

Through Him,

-Wendy T. Davis, GA

Dear brothers end sisters at USCWM,

Greetings in Christ! My brother sent me a copy of Once More Around Jericho, which I've begun reading today, and several copies of your "Touch Ten" brochure to share with some of my university friends. Enclosed is a donation for your work. I would appreciate the "95 cent" package I'm sure I'll find someone to give the extra copy of Jericho to and I'd like the other material for myself. Also please send 20 more copies of the letter.

I am in Linguistics and Pacific Studies (among other courses) at the University of Victoria and I'm really seeking the Lord About how He would use me in the mission field. Basically I feel compelled to go and share the gospel, and now I'm seeking for the "how," "when," and "where."

Joyfully in Him,

-Lynn O. Victoria, B.C., Canada


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