This is an article from the January-February 1984 issue: New Mission Executive for North America’s Largest Sending Agency



Dear Sirs:

Thank you for your articles from your latest Mission Frontiers newsletter. They wore very encouraging and inspirational. will be praying for your Touch to Program. Since being a small part of it last August, it has been a real blessing to me. Though the whole 6 million was not reached, I believe God will provide just enough for USCWM to continue. He will bless...

Thank you very much for everylhing that you do.

May God bless you richly.

-Pestle Kawagoctil

Dr. Ralph Winter,

I happened to read Mission Frontiers  the August/September1983 issue, the report on the Diharis of India fascinated so much as I am a resident of Orissa.

This saga tine is an eye opener to any Christian. May the Spirit of God touch each individual as he reads through the magazine and urge them to minister the gospel in unreached areas for the glory and honour of our Lord Jesus Christ.. .

-J. Varghese Minot, North Dakota

Dear Friends.

I first visited the Center last November at the Navigators Conference on Missions. believe in what you are doing by Cots for God. I've read part of Roberta Winters story on your history and have wanted to help be a part. Please accept the enclosed gift ....

.1 plan to remain in the Air Force while assisting God's work financially and prayerfully. Do let me know if there are ways I can be of service.

Yours in Christ.

-Rob C. Edwards. California

Dear Dr. Winter,

I have read in our local newspaper the article about your work and theory on world missions. My family is very much interested in this work too. My husband and I served for 8 years in overseas service. Enclosed is a check for $15.95. I'd like to receive the written materials and hear more about your work. t am chairperson of our local church mission committee,

-Mrs. L.D.W. Eton College, NC

Dear Ralph and Roberta Winter and Staff at USCWM:

I have been joyfully receiving your monthly MissionFrontiers. They have continued enflaming that spark of "missions" In my life.

I have expectantly been praying for your finances, feeling unable to help. But then I had a birthday. Though our family budget is running a deficit. do have control over my birthday money. Most of it is enclosed.

With joy, excitement, and continued prayers,

-Ruth H. Ithaca, New York

Dear Bob and Ginny (on staff).

.This month I received the GCTS edition (of the Prayer Guide from Dr. Cooley in my mailbox at school. I decided to try it again and it's been wonderful I am experiencing a real resurgence in my commitment to being a World Christian and realizing that Step N I is intercession. The Lord has really renewed my vision for missions. Anyway I Sent in my $6 to subscribe!

Also I am collecting; my loose change for Hidden Peoples ....

-Susy J. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary South Hamilton, MA

U.S. Center for World Mission:

It is with a great sense of in, that t would like to make known to you my desire to become a "founding Member of the U.S. Center for World Mission." I believe in the work of missions worldwide, and seek to aid the cause of Christ with all my time and talents. My prayers are with you (us) as we see God's eternal plans come to fruition.

In Christ's service.

-Daniel B.

Dear Friends in Christ,

Your excellent work in broadening the scope and penetration of missions around the world is most needed in the body of Christ today! I remain with you in my continued committment to he!, even though only a little, in the development and expansion of the U. S. Center for World Mission.

Keep fighting the good fight of faith in the days and months ahead, knowing that your labor in the Lord is never in vain!

Yours in Christ Jesus,

-Richard Greeher San Bernardino, CA


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