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Kids Korner

Kids Korner

The 4/14 Window

The 4/14 Window is a key to the 10/40 Window. The 4/14 Window is a term that was coined from the fact that 85 percent of people who become Christians, do so between the ages of 4 and 14. Thus children and young people are "the world's most fruitful field." If we want to consider children as a people group, the category "children" is, of course, much too broad to fit the normal definitions of a people group. However, in the 4/14 Window many children in situations as noted below can be the gateways to their people.

Children are being used as targets by the "enemy" of our souls. Worldwide, onslaughts focus on children's thoughts, morals, bodies and beliefs. Consider the following:

  • 35,000 children under 5 years die every day from malnutrition.
  • 40 million children are aborted every year; i.e. 29 percent of all children are never born.
  • 100 million children currently suffer under forced prostitution.
  • Between 100 and 200 million children are currently involved in child labor.
  • Two million children die every year through lack of immunization.
  • In the past decade two million were killed in wars leaving an estimate 4.5 million children disabled.

Missions strategists are beginning to see that this 4/14 "people group" has been overlooked in our strategy planning, as well as in missions literature. There are now books, articles and other resources available on this topic. For more information, newsletters and brochures, contact information is provided below.


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