This is an article from the November-December 2018 issue: The Frontier Peoples: Still Waiting to Hear About Jesus

Introducing the Pray for the 31 Prayer Guide

Introducing the Pray for the 31 Prayer Guide

On March 21, 2018, someone who had been studying the new idea of Frontier People Groups (FPGs) mentioned to a few prayer leaders the surprising discovery that half the population of all FPGs lives in just 31 people groups with populations of ten million or more. 

“Thirty-one is a good number for a prayer guide,” someone observed. Prayer led to quick consensus, then further prayer and sustained collaboration in developing such a prayer guide. 

Forty days later, to the day, volunteers had integrated feedback from a variety of prayer and mission leaders and sent to the printer the first edition of a prayer guide for the 31 largest Frontier People Groups. 

Global interest was immediate and long before this first edition was back from the printer, volunteers were busily translating it into a half-dozen or more languages. 

In subsequent months, a major revision and expansion were completed to form the prayer guide showcased here. To get the latest electronic copy, print copies, or to inquire about translations, visit


Here  are  some  of  this  guide’s  special  features: 

  • Inside  the  front  cover  is  the  listing  above  of  the  thirty-­‐one  groups,  organized  by  region.  Notice  the  concentration  in  South  Asia,  keyed  to  the  numbered  circles  on  the  map  shown  on  the  opposite  page. 
  • Colored  rings  on  the  map,  dots  in  the  table,  and banners  over  the  profile  show  which  people  groups  are  Muslim  (●)  and  which  are  Hindu (●). 
  • The  next  page  of  the  prayer  guide  distills  the  new  pie  chart  (p. 8–9  of  this  MF)  into  one  page:

  • Subsequent  pages  of  this  guide  cover: 
  • A  brief  overview  of  Frontier  People  Groups
  • The  key  role  of  prayer  in  opening  these  groups  to  receive  God’s  blessing  in  Jesus. 
  • The  biblical  basis  and  significance  of  pursuing  gospel  movements  in  prayer. 
  • Prayer  for  the  Bible  to  become  fully  available  to  all  31  of  these  people  groups.
  • General  prayer  points  for  all  FPGs. 
  • Suggestions  for  involving  kids  and  youth.

 The  main  portion  of  the  prayer  guide  is  a  separate  page  for  each  of  the  31  groups,  adapted  from  Joshua  Project  profiles,  with:

  • a  color  map,  picture,  statistcs,  and 
  • background  information  and  prayer  points.

 The  back  portion  of  the  prayer  guide  includes: 

  • Helpful  definitions  of  key  terms. 
  • Introduction  and  map  of  the  400  largest  and  most  influential  FPGs,  containing  90%  of  the  population  of  all  FPGs. 
  • Charts  showing  the  breakdown  of  all  FPGs— by  region  and  by  religion. 
  • Other  prayer  resources.


 For  a  free  digital  or  review  copy,  for  print  copies,  or  to  inquire  about  translations,  visit


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