This is an article from the January-February 1982 issue: What Does God Consider to be the Most Significant Stories of this Generation?

Frontier Fellowship

Frontier Fellowship

The Frontier Fellowship campaign is a movement of cooperating organizations, agencies, denominations and churches. The campaign hopes within 24 months to involve 1,000,000 Christians in daily prayer and study, with the by product of raising $100,000,000 each year in new funds specially for the frontiers of world missions. Announced in the summer of 1981, the Fellowship has already attracted participants from major mission agencies, from both evangelical and mainline denominations, major student groups on Christian college and university campuses and seminaries. In addition, impressive endorsements of the campaign have been registered by mission and church leaders.

The Frontier Fellowship is designed to promote world Christian discipleship through daily personal involvement in the frontier missions cause.

It is helping raise up some of the elements necessary to bring the gospel to the 2.5 billion people in 16,750 Hidden People groups in the world increased prayer, a new awareness of the challenges, and new financial resources for the frontier missions movement.

The plan has been borrowed from the example of the Christians in the Lushai tribe in Burma, who set aside a handful of rice at each meal. The rice is then collected by church officials and sold, and the money used for mission outreach.

In North America, we don't eat much rice. But we do have loose change jingling in our pocket or purse at the end of each day. As part of the Frontier Fellowship movement the American version of the Burma plan Christians save their loose change in a jar each day for new work among Hidden Peoples. As they do, they remember to pray, using the Frontier Fellowship Daily Prayer Guide.

The five components of the Frontier Fellowship are:

  1. READING daily about the world's Hidden Peoples in the Daily Prayer Guide
  2. PRAYING daily for the gospel to become "at home" among these groups
  3. SAVING loose change daily as a reminder to pra
  4. GATHERING each month in a Frontier Fellowship group, and
  5. SHARING the frontier vision regularly with others.

We believe the Frontier Fellowship will gradually and surely transform the church's entire outlook upon God's world today. The Frontier Fellowship helps the church learn about the Hidden Peoples and begin to reach them.The burden of the Frontier Fellowship is to heighten the awareness and concern of the world's most missionary minded church (North American Evangelicals) concerning the hopeless plight of these peoples and to strengthen the hands of mission agencies preparing to launch new frontier outreach.

Recognizing the urgency of reaching "every tongue and tribe and people and nation" (Revelation 5:9, Matthew 24:14) with the message of Jesus Christ, the Frontier Fellowship has adopted the watchword: "A Church for Every People by the Year 2000."

Each Frontier Fellowship group is free to determine to which frontier missions projects its coins will be designated. The only restriction is that the funds be designated strictly for frontier missionary outreach.


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