This is an article from the October - December 1985 issue: Youth With a Mission

From the Director

From the Director

Dear People, I am sitting in the airport in Los Angeles wailing for a non stop flight to Amsterdam and then to Africa where in the next 20 days we will visit two of our four missionary daughters. 1 don't need to comment on all the exciting things in S the contents across the page: Walk a thon, Chinese Conference, rewarding coverage of a major this, ion agency run by a loose collection of wonderful people. . . .

(don't miss the special offer on their suberb Hidden Peoples prayer calendar!)

As I hastily jot these words, my over arching concern is that you not miss out something super important. We just passed our 9th birthday. All these nine years we have been flying to tell you about at least three major breakthroughs in our understanding of the world. These three "discoveries" have created the Center and now energize us.   Do they make a difference to you too? Our usual sources of information in this country fail to tell us:

  1. The work of (lad around the world is almost unimaginably greater than the average believer thinks.
  2. The remaining task is huge  17,000 unpenetrated peoples enclose half the world's population.
  3. BUT! The 2.5 million evangelical congregations growing over 1,000 a week outnumber the remaining unreached peoples by 150 to one!

This is why we feel urgently excited to carry the details to you. But, are you letting this sink in? Don't you see that history is about to end? Quite likely in your lifetime? Are you prepared? Could you have goals that will be swept aside?

Don't miss out!

P.S  Just so you'll know: we thought we could safely borrow $99,000 internally in order to pay off our October 1st campus payment. We expected Walk-a-thon money to cover that, and it did... though not a whole lot more (see p. 29 for the latest statistics). Right now, having paid back our internal debts, we have $43,603.41 toward our January 1st payment. We appreciate so much the $20,000+ that has come in as a result of those who are participating in the One Third Times Three plan (see page 6).


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