This is an article from the October-December 1984 issue: The US Center: Its Present and Its Future

From the Director

From the Director

Pearl Harbor Day (!), Friday, Dec 7, 1984

Dear Friends,

When you last heard from us two months ago, we simply told you the truth   that the ' original owners had advised us their instructions were "to proceed to file for foreclosure.' But we went further: we guessed that 'by the time you receive this" we would likely already be eating into the 90 day grace period, which results when the foreclosure process officially begins.

Well, we grossly underestimated how long it takes for a legal office to file for foreclosure! To file a "Notice of Default" is apparently a very complicated procedure, especially when there are almost 90 separate parcels of property!

So, day by day and week by weak we waited to hear the other shoe drop. (Of course we had lots of things to keep us occupied, such as the massive meeting of mission executives here   see pp.30-32   the largest number of agencies represented at any meeting in human history, as it turned out.)

And, we went ahead and sent out our September issue which highlighted the spectacular "Decision to Double' of the SW, one of the largest missions in the world today, and described the growth prospects of mission agencies in the next ten years

This issue was not expected to be sent out until the dreaded 'Notice of Default" was filed, but time has slipped by, and now, even on Pearl Harbor Day we can't report that the bomb has dropped! That "any day now" is certainly close. (Two weeks ago it was "in perhaps ten days.")

The comparison is unfair. Pearl Harbor? The fine Christian college (that sold us the property) is not an enemy. No one is going to get killed. Only property is at stake. And they have certainly been fair to us.

But the parallel is CLEAR: Pearl Harbor was a relatively minor episode in the overall war, nevertheless PEARL HARBOR SERVED TO AWAKEN THE SLEEPING GIANT of America to what it had to do to reconquer the Pacific for the free world. MUCH MORE IS AT STAKE!

Our Pearl Harbor is the Imminence of FORECLOSURE. John Rolzmann, formerly a youth pastor  a newcomer on our staff   takes a keen look and asks some tough questions (from the outside) about the purpose and crucial value of this place. See page 4.

Next, we ask "How can we BOTH deal with this short range foreclosure issue AND make the $8.5 million payment next September?" (p.?) As before, we believe God is interested in bigger things than this financial problem . how about a nationwide mission renewal movement? Now THAT Is what is truly crucial. Missions, not missles will truly preserve this nation.

P.S. We are so very, very grateful to Tim Stafford and CHRISTIANITY TODAY for the superb coverage of this Center as a cover story Sept 7th (p.12 i?). Say, if you want a free 6 months subscription to that excellent magazine see p. 35!


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