This is an article from the April-May 1984 issue: Cause for Rejoicing…

From the Director

From the Director

As election time draws near hundreds of thousands of local workers seem to come out of the woodwork.

They beat the bushes, badger thousands of people to get a few more votes. They do not count on winning.

They eagerly and urgently do their best.

Well, we are profoundly grateful that thousands of local people across this country are turning out to help us with our own "election." And we do not count on winning either.

You may be one of these workers who have embraced both our VISION and adopted our HOPE as we continue our struggle to make this property available to all mission agencies.

There is very little difference between our workers and the election precinct workers.

You cannot force people to vote your way. Our "Hidden Peoples Parties" help, but cannot force people to reach out to ten others.

The election workers try to appeal to people's personal concerns and interests. We appeal to people's concern for others. Fewer respond to us. But those who do are just as serious.

But how "few" Is still enough? It is surprising: nearly 300 of you have offered to invite 4 of our new Founders over for an exciting one hour party!

We hope that will be enough. It is breathtaking that these 300 parties, if doubted each month, will reach close to a million people by December 31st. Our very survival here depends upon it. As I type this on Friday May 25th, it "looks" like our 300 parties are going to be wholly inadequate to help us make our June 1st payment.

Yet are you willing to be "SURPRISED BY HOPE"? See the interview on pages 4 and 5!


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